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The Deadliest Jack Stands Car Owners Should Avoid

Avoid dying under your car by finding out which jack stands are the deadliest and discovering that price is not a reasonable expectation of a jack stand’s tested level of safety.


Knowing Jack About Jack Stands

In past articles I’ve mentioned once or twice that many years ago I once found myself pinned underneath a car that had crumpled a pair of newly bought jack stands from K-Mart. Worse yet, one of those jack stands punctured the gas tank necessitating a rescue by the fire department. I was lucky.

I blamed the ordeal on buying cheap jack stands. But was I right? Or did I exceed the specs and the application of the stands with a 1972 Buick LeSabre and a full tank of gas?!

This bit of reverie was prompted in an earlier article following a Project Farm YouTube channel episode that asks the question of whether cheap jack stands are safe compared to those that cost much more.

As it turns out, there is more to consider than price. When buying a pair of jack stands the smart tool shopper should be considering factors aside from its rated weight capacity and appearance. Aspects such as overall weight, weld quality, side slop and base dimensions to avoid tipping over, pin strength (or lack of), and surprisingly: that price is a poor judgement tool when shopping for the safest jack stands between brands.

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New Jack Stand Review

As an update focused on jack stands with an added strength test, here is a recent new jack stand review by the Project Farm YouTube channel with a focus on the deadliest jack stands car owners must avoid as well as those that come recommended.

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Follow along with the host as he provides an informative and potentially life-saving review that covers jack stands primarily “Made in China” with two “Made in America” in a brand comparison.

Best & Deadliest Jack Stands (6 Ton)? Let’s find out!

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