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3 Cybertrucks for Cybertruck Cyber Monday Sales

Now is your chance to own any one of three - or even all 3 - popular Tesla Cybertruck toys that have previously been sold out, but now are ready with a new supply in time to stuff your Christmas stocking for that Tesla enthusiast in your family.

Christmas for Tesla Cybertruck Enthusiasts

There’s no denying that the allure of owning a Tesla Cybertruck has fans of all-things-Tesla coveting not just the real things with millions of preorders waiting to be filled (someday), but now at least some of the angst can be assuaged with what are sure to become automotive collector items in the near future.

Today, Mattel Creations announced that in the spirit of Christmas and Tesla (and of course---making money) they have just added to today’s popular Cyber Monday deals, their offering of three different toy reproduction models of the hopefully soon to be released Cybertruck in 2022.

Summarized below is a brief description and price for each of the three Cybertruck models, plus a link to where to go and buy your favorite Tesla toy.

1. The Power Player Hot Wheels R/C 1:10 Tesla Cybertruck (Price: $100.00)

The Power Player model is offered as a Hot Wheels 1:10 R/C Cybertruck that combines the cutting-edge innovation of Tesla with the incredible prestige of Hot Wheels. A sleek, futuristic vehicle includes the free-rolling Cyberquad that can be added and removed from the open truck bed. The Cybertruck also offers functioning headlights and taillights and can reach speeds up to 12 mph.

According to Mattel Creations:
• The sleek Hot Wheels 1:10 R/C Cybertruck combines the fearless innovation of Tesla with the timeless legacy of Hot Wheels for unparalleled R/C adventure.
• The included, free-rolling Cyberquad can be added or removed from open truck bed that’s part of this Cybertruck’s unique form factor.
• The custom remote controller is exclusive to this model, and its design is modeled on the Cybertruck’s steering wheel.
• The working headlights and taillights only enhance the incredible stylings of this R/C vehicle.
• Battery Life - Charge Time: 3 Hours.
• Run Time: 20-25 mins.

2. The Engineer: MEGA Tesla Cybertruck (Price: $250.00)

The Engineer model introduces the all-new Tesla Cybertruck (by MEGA)---an iconic exoskeleton design capturing its sleek lines and sharp angles. Details include adjustable suspension, working tonneau cover, folding tailgate – and it comes fully loaded with Easter eggs, too for you to discover as you build it out of 3,283 fun-filled pieces.

According to Mattel Creations:

• The build has height adjustable suspension, functional tonneau cover, folding tailgate with hideaway ramp, 4 hinge doors that open and close, folding seats, vault floor, poseable wheels and more.
• It features detailed styling with iconic exoskeleton design, armor glass windows, replicated interior, tablet and cup accessories, and even more Easter eggs.
• Ideal for Probuilders, ages 14+.
• This one-of-a-kind building experience serves as an interactive piece of art.

3. The Trackset Tester: 1:64 Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck (Price: $20)

Hot Wheels has taken the power and performance of the groundbreaking Cybertruck and put it in the palm of your hand. The 1:64 Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck, with its science fiction-inspired silhouette, can race on or off iconic Hot Wheels orange track. And for the daredevils out there, kick it into Sport speed mode to send it through a classic Hot Wheels track loop.

According to Mattel Creations:

• The 3-inch, radio-control Cybertruck combines the modern Tesla design with the iconic Hot Wheels size.
• Race on Hot Wheels horizontal track or take it vertical on a classic Hot Wheels track loop. I mean, we’re Hot Wheels, after all.
• Key features include two-wheel drive with both Chill or Sport speed to reach up to 500mph scale speed and recharging from controller.

And finally…

You can find more about the Cybertruck Cyber Monday Sale at this link.

Timothy Boyer is Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

Image by GGBot from Pixabay