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FSD Version 9 Update Is Anticipated To Go Live Tonight

The latest update for Tesla’s self-driving software is expected later tonight which means it should be available in the early hours of Saturday morning.

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There is a lot of excitement as Tesla is finally releasing version 9.0 of FSD Beta. This comes after months of no updates. It is not known exactly when this update will go live but a good guess would be that it might be available after midnight in the early hours of July 10th. There will likely be a few Tesla owners who will test out the new update in the middle of the night if it comes out by then. This is new software, so drivers should exercise more caution at first.

Software is just a tad ahead of schedule

Delays were expected which is why it is good to see Version 9 come out a little early. Elon Musk even said his timelines tend to be optimistic. Version 9 has not been released yet, so it wouldn’t be good to jinx it. However, it wasn’t expected to be known until sometime on Saturday whether Version 9 would be delayed or not.

Changes expected for Version 9

It was in the news a few days ago that Tesla was going to create a new user interface for Version 9. Musk stated that the new UI would feature a “mind of car’ view. Tesla Vision (the new AI system using cameras) should help enhance this UI.

The important thing now is there are rumblings there could have been some last-minute changes to the UI. It is unknown what those changes would be, but Tesla owners and others are encouraged to report any curve balls that they think were put into version 9 at the last-minute.

Tesla owners want a subscription service

It is important to keep in mind that FSD Beta is in the beta phase. The software is being tested. Many critics of Tesla like to say that Musk lets drivers use untested software. This claim is not true. Tesla dots the i’s and crosses the t’s when it comes to making self-driving software even if it is in the testing phase.

However, many people who have a Tesla are very eager for a full subscription service. It isn’t really known yet when that will be out, but there is a lot of hype surrounding a new subscription model.

Not too long ago, the idea was put out that Tesla would move to a monthly subscription service. This will end up saving the buyer money unless they own the car for several years.

Image: Tesla

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