Department of Energy to webcast Federal Fleet Management 101

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) through its EERE website provides a variety of resources and information for members of the media. To meet Executive Order (E.O.) 13514 and other federal fleet requirements, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) will present a Federal Fleet Management 101 Webcast on Thursday, February 3, 2011.

The Webcast, the first in a series of seven, is part of 2011 FEMP’s First Thursday Seminars.

The purpose is to present best practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum consumption. The program also emphasizes ways to reduce vehicle miles traveled, increase alternative fuel use, and maximize fleet fuel efficiency.

Question is, will this series be a prelude to being distributed to the public via the educational system? The auto industry will surely watch this one, becauseit indicates how serious the government is taking energy management these days.

According to the EERE News, the training includes guidance on:

  • Developing fleet strategic sustainability plans
  • Collecting and reporting mandatory fleet data
  • Selecting the best petroleum reduction strategies for each agency
  • Implementing plans to increase fleet infrastructure and alternative fuel vehicles

The 90-minute presentation is free of charge, but you must register in advance with FEMP Central to obtain an Internet URL for the presentation. The presentation will take place Thursday, February 3, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

FEMP First Thursday Seminars are no-cost training opportunities to help federal energy, environmental, and fleet professionals plan and execute projects to help meet federal goals and requirements. For more information, visit the FEMP First Thursday Seminars Web site.

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