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BMW X3 uses 3D commercial technology developed by emotion3D

emotion3D provides BMW with a high-quality service for retargeting existing stereoscopic 3D content for viewing on glasses-free 3D screens. The BMW X3 is the first automotive commercial to use the technology.


emotion3d, a Viennese start-up in Austria, won the tender for the prestigious BMW deal with an efficient software solution for editing 3D films.

3D commercials is now added as one of many next waves in automotive marketing and communication.

Using the software solution, BMW literally enabled emotion3D to land its first commercial success by editing its new commercial for the BMW X3.

At the core is a powerful software engine that automatically generates depth maps from stereo 3D material. Content creators can then edit in the 3rd dimension and render virtual cameras.

The revolutionary tools in emotion3D’s Stereoscopic Suite X1, for example, facilitate compositing shot material, editing the depth script, and finishing for different targets (e.g. cinema, home theater, laptops and glasses-free 3D displays).


1. Depth manipulation: Perform depth grading, comfort zone control, continuity across scene cuts, compression & expansion of the depth range. Stretch, clamp and scale effortlessly.

2. Finishing for target display: Re-render your shot content with the correct perspectives.

3. "Fix it in post": Adjust interocular and convergence independently.

4. Depth keying: Use powerful depth-based segmentation in your post.

Expect More 3D Commercials from Automotive?

The 3D commercial will be shown by BMW at numerous car dealerships around the world and in a few selected showrooms in auto stereoscopy. This is the generic name for three-dimensional imaging technology that negates the use of special glasses and similar headgear.

Question is, will this start a new trend in automotive marketing?

emotion3D edited the BMW X3 commercial in a highly qualitative, inexpensive and efficient way, creating these 3D displays. As a result, viewers are taken into a new, groundbreaking dimension of 3D entertainment and are offered a variety of different perspectives.

emotion3D has been funded and supported by INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice Wien GmbH. This consulting service of the Centre for Innovation and Technology of the City of Vienna, the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology supports and advises graduates, employees and students at universities and universities of applied sciences on putting their business ideas into practice and founding start-ups.

About the Author: After 39 years in the auto industry as a design engineer, Frank Sherosky now trades stocks and writes articles, books and ebooks via, but may be contacted here by email: [email protected]

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