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Breaking: Tesla Chief Designer Spotted Driving the 1st Stealth Matte Black Cybertruck

The first stealth matte black Cybertruck has been spotted driving in California. The vehicle was being driven by Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and appeared to have every part of the vehicle including the taillights and rims blacked out.


One of the most iconic features of the Cybertruck is the vehicle’s exposed stainless steel exterior. The silvery reflective exterior is beautiful to look at however, given that is the only pain option offered with the Cybertruck, there have been questions about accessorizing and individuality.

To get ahead of this issue, Tesla appears to be working on offering several factory wraps for the Cybertruck. We first learned of Tesla’s plans last month when the EV maker started offering a factory wrap for the Model 3 & Y.

The program is currently offered only in a couple of Tesla service centers to Model 3 & Y owners in California. However, after the pilot program, Tesla is expected to roll out a factory wrap service throughout the country.

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This on its own is exciting however, people familiar with Tesla’s plans have shared that in the coming 6 months, the EV maker is also planning to offer similar wrap services for the Cybertruck.

The Model 3 & Y wraps are mostly reasonable and conventional colors however, Tesla appears to be planning bolder and more unconventional wraps for the Cybertruck.

So far we’ve seen Cybertruck prototypes wrapped to look like a Ford F-150 Lightning and a Toyota Tundra, which are expected to be the Cybertruck’s biggest competitors when the all-electric truck finally hits the streets.

We’ve also seen Cybertruck prototypes wrapped in light and dark camouflage that make the Cybertruck appear to be an armored truck from the future.

This is exciting, however, today we’ve gotten the first picture of what’s most likely the best-looking Cybertruck wrap so far. Thanks to keen-eyed Tesla fans in California, we see the first stealth matte black Cybertruck roaming the streets.

If this wasn’t cool enough, the driver of the Cybertruck prototype is none other than Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen. Several videos are starting to hit the web however, the videos we’ve gotten so far show the vehicle completely blacked out including the rims and lights.

Although the stainless steel look is beautiful, the matte black finish appears to capture the Cybertruck’s true postapocalyptic essence. There’s currently no guarantee that Tesla will offer this wrap however, even if the EV maker doesn’t, there is no doubt third-party detailing shops will.

Currently, there isn’t a lot of information regarding this matte black Cybertruck and whether Tesla plans to offer this color however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we learn more about Tesla’s plans.

Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited to see the first matte black Cybertruck? Do you think Tesla should offer this color? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Teslaconomics X post

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