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Hyundai Is Taking N Performance To The Next Level

Hyundai recently announced it would become a Title Sponsor of the IMSA Race Weekend at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Hyundai transformed the public’s image of its brand when it released N branded performance cars. Yes, “N” sounds eerily similar to “M” one-up the alphabet but we will gloss over that for now. Hyundai’s Veloster N released in 2019 was a massive hit with journalists, and I even owned a 2019 Veloster R-Spec, so I could only imagine how great the N version must be.

Hyundai Title Sponsor

Hyundai is taking some substantial leaps in its marketing, as we’ve seen recently with its partnership with Sony Pictures. Hyundai now wants to put its N brand on the map and have become the title sponsor for the IMSA race weekend at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Hyundai Title Sponsor

This event will be taking place on September 6-8, 2020, in Monterey, California. Throughout the weekend, Hyundai will give its fans the N brand experience. The title sponsorship will amplify the N and N line brands for vehicles like the Hyundai Veloster N, Elantra N Line, and the Sonata N Line.

Hyundai N Performance

Hyundai hopes to exhibit the N and N line performance brand to racing fans and enthusiasts alike. There are some highly established names in the affordable performance segment that Hyundai is playing in.

Despite the established competitors, I do believe the N branded performance cars will serve as an excellent catalyst not only in sales but to boost brand perception. There is a shortage of under $30,000 fun vehicles, and when you see cars like the Veloster N starting at $27,600, a new group of enthusiasts will undoubtedly flock to the brand.

Hyundai N Brand LogoHyundai Marketing

Hyundai has taken some significant steps in making sure that the right people see its products. The recent alliance with Sony Pictures is sure to help grasp the attention of perhaps non-car enthusiasts but more so the average car consumers looking at family vehicles.

Becoming a title sponsor to help develop Hyundai’s N brand is a great thing because we lack cars with feel in today’s market. There are far too many vehicles being produced just for selling units and, of course, that needs to happen to keep car companies alive; however, this leads to a lack of soul.

Hyundai Cares

Its true enthusiasts don’t shape the market or are responsible for even a fraction of new car sales. You still have to commend Hyundai for being adamant enough to produce something fun and engaging for that niche market while making it affordable, like how Hyundai always does.

Veloster N

While we thrust forward into a world of electricity, self-driving, and whatever else that’s going to kill driving fun, it’s great to see Hyundai still cares and wants people to enjoy performance driving for a little bit longer.

Kevin Meyn is an automotive journalist for Torque News concentrating on Hyundai content. Kevin is the founder of Exhaust Sports Auto Youtube channel, where he does professional car reviews on new and used vehicles. Through the use of various resources and extended Automotive expertise, Kevin documents the latest in automotive news revolving around Hyundai. Kevin graduated from NC State University studying Supply Chain Management but has had a passion for cars since he was a child. Follow Kevin on Twitter and Instagram @exhaustsports.