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Hyundai Performance Will Help You Drive Better

Hyundai Driving Experience is offering training services to help shape your driving skills by putting you in the driver seat of a Hyundai’s N Performance car.


Hyundai is very serious about its N Performance brand. The best part is, Hyundai is serious about you, the consumer. A new training program will help enthusiasts of every skill level to hone and craft their skills while behind the wheel of a Hyundai N Performance car.

Hyundai Track Event

Sessions will take place in Germany, and yes, these programs will cost money; however, not a ridiculous amount. More details will be listed below, but the purpose of these events is to help build and strengthen loyalty within consumer while offering valuable driving lessons to be used even in everyday life.

Hyundai N Cars

This pragmatic mindset is what I appreciate about Hyundai. Refining vehicles and personal skills on tracks help to develop car control in our everyday commute. Improving driving skills will also help when driving in inclement weather.

The Hyundai Driving Experience, also known as “N-Experience,” is for all levels of driving; however, beginners are primary targets. This event is also for first-time drivers that haven’t experienced an N Performance vehicle from Hyundai, which is also an excellent opportunity for Hyundai to acquire new customers.

This event is not just for Hyundai owners or owners of N vehicles. You can be driving any car to participate in the event. The different events and prices will be listed below:

Hyundai Track Event Tiers

Duration: 1 day
Vehicles: i30 N and i30 Fastback N
Price: 99.00 EUR
Contents: car introduction, handling with braking practices, slalom with timekeeping, agent turn, driving in public traffic

Level 1
Duration: 1.5 days
Vehicles: i30 N and i30 Fastback N
Price: 529.00 EUR
Contents: Theoretical introduction to driving dynamics, handling with braking practices, braking in curves, slalom with timekeeping, lane change/braking and swerving, agent turn/understeering, pace car laps

Level 2
Duration: 2.5 days
Vehicles: i30 N and i30 Fastback N
Price: 899.00 EUR
Contents: Theoretical introduction to driving dynamics, handling with braking practices, double lane change, slalom with timekeeping, section training, driving through curves with different variations, agent turn, pace car laps, and leading laps.

Hyundai TCR Race Taxi
Duration: 2 Laps (ride-along)
Vehicles: Hyundai TCR Race Taxi
Price: 199.00 EUR
Pre-requisite: a booking for N-Experience, Track Experience Level 1 or Track Experience Level 2

E-Experience Training
Duration: 1 day
Vehicles: KONA Electric, IONIQ Plug-in-Hybrid
Price: 99.00 EUR
Contents: car introduction, vehicle workshop, slalom with timekeeping, braking, swerving, driving in public traffic

Source: Hyundai

Hyundai Veloster NHyundai Track Event Conclusions

The two tracks that this event will take place on including Nürburgring Grand Prix-Strecke and the Bilster Berg, both located in Germany. And of course, these events will follow COVID-19 guidelines to ensure public safety.

It is great to see Hyundai continuing to offer programs that involve the enthusiast community. When more and more manufactures are shunning away from enthusiast cars and events, Hyundai is going full throttle to show the world what the N brand is capable of—excited to see what new vehicles the N Brand will deliver.

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