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Hyundai August 2020 Lease Deals

Here is a list of Hyundai lease deals and approximately what you can expect to pay. There are some notable changes from last month’s lease deals worth mentioning.

The latest lease numbers got released for August 2020 on new Hyundai models. Please check the Hyundai website yourself with your local zip code for more accurate prices as these numbers change depending on your location. The prices listed below are for North Carolina, the worst place to lease a car, so you can assume prices can be better in your area. Let me know how the rates I have listed align with what you see in your area.

2020 Hyundai SonataAugust 2020 Hyundai Lease Deals

Hyundai August Lease Deals ChartHyundai August 2020 Lease Deal Changes & Terms

A lot of the numbers listed are similar to the numbers from last month. The fundamental changes include the addition of specific 2021 model years, and about nine models that were available last month for lease are no longer included in this list. I’m sure you can lease those specific models if you find one on a dealer lot like the 2020 Kona Electric and 2020 Ioniq Electric, but the deal won’t be as good.

Like always, the numbers listed do not include tax, fees, etc. Most of the deals listed are for 36 months and 10,000 miles, and these deals end on 9/8/2020. It’s still great to see some new 2021 models making an appearance like the Kona, Tucson, and Veloster. But I must say, out of all the deals displayed on the chart, the 2019 Sonata Plug-In Hybrid seems most enticing. At $179 a month and $2599 down, that’s a pleasant, efficient car for a commuter with a low monthly investment.

2020 Hyundai Veloster NHyundai August 2020 Lease Deals Conclusion

My best suggestion is to never put any money down on a lease, not even the first month’s payment. Always roll in the amount due at signing into your lease payment. Hyundai still has some great finance deals like 0% for 60-72 months and three months deferred payments, but double-check what incentives you are eligible for if you do decide to take a 0% interest rate loan, and always try to be below MSRP. Hyundai continues to offer affordable lease deals that are worth taking advantage of, making it an excellent time to be in the new car market.

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