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Why Now Is The Time For You To Get A New Subaru Crosstrek XT Turbo Model

The new-generation 2019 Subaru Crosstrek is everything you want, but it’s missing one key thing. See why Subaru needs to bring a new 2020 Crosstrek XT turbo trim for customers.

The Subaru Crosstrek has had a good run but sales of the compact SUV have slowed this year. Customers are happy with the newly-redesigned 2019 Crosstrek and like its utility, “go-anywhere” all-wheel-drive system with X-Mode, advanced safety features, and styling. But what is hindering the Crosstrek from going to the next level is its lack of power.

It has plenty of power for the daily commute and is a perfect urban vehicle. But it lacks the extra power needed for hauling people and cargo especially up into the mountains at altitude. The new-generation compact utility vehicle is powered by a 2.0-liter Boxer engine with direct fuel injection. It did get a bump in horsepower from 148 horsepower to 154 horsepower, from the previous generation model but the torque stayed the same at 145 lb. ft.

2019 Subaru Crosstrek
2019 Subaru Crosstrek

What the Crosstrek needs is a turbocharged engine option. Subaru can keep the naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter Boxer in the 2.0i, Premium, Limited, and Hybrid trims but the Japanese automaker needs a new trim level with a turbo engine. We are not advocating for a Crosstrek STI with 250 horsepower, but a Crosstrek XT trim level with a 2.0-liter turbo Boxer with 200 horsepower. Many customers want the option to buy one.

2019 Subaru Crosstrek

At the Chicago Auto Show in February, Subaru of America President and CEO Tom Doll told Motor Trend, Subaru won’t be bringing a Crosstrek turbo anytime soon. Doll said it's because the demand for the new-gen Crosstrek SUV is too high and selling too well for them to offer a turbo version. Doll said, “You could argue, and some people do, that for the Crosstrek we should have a higher-performance engine in that car, but on the other hand, we're selling as many as we can get. We haven't really hit the top with the Crosstrek yet."

2020 Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru has hit the top with Crosstrek in 2019. After seven full months in 2019, the Crosstrek is down 18.8 percent for the year. Its 16,397 units down from last year at the same time. That’s a significant drop and it’s time for the Japanese automaker to bring a 2020 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0XT turbo trim for customers. When will Subaru bring it? Stay tuned.

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ONLY if: 1. Hood scoop. It needs to look the part... none of this "aerodynamic and better performing duct system" bs.. Subaru's rally cars have hood scoops because it is better performing. 2. It needs real power.. near WRX equivalent 0-60.
I cNt wait to buy one I really want to mod it into an sti
What a misleading headline. How can you get a turbo model, when Subaru does not make one? unethical practice
Subaru's are boring and underpowered family cars now days. I used to own a few back when they were exciting. Even after me and many of you complaining for yrs that cvt is shyt and we want turbo options back, they ignored us. Has anyone tried to pass in heavy traffic in a crosstrek? Impossible. Boring. Slow.
I used to only buy Subaru. Their engines haven't improved in 20 years now outside the 2.4L Turbo. I've moved on to other brands.
This CEO Tom Doll didn't get your point that a lot Subarus are operating in the mountains at altitude and a turbo is perfect for high altitude applications. No power loss at all. Normally aspirated automobiles lose a fair amount of power at ski lodge altitudes, and the majority of young skiers are buying Subarus.
Yes, I would. In December 2018, I placed an order for a 2019 Limited in Cool Blue Khaki and after a month of waiting (which I was fine doing), I cancelled the order for its overall lack of power. I loved every other aspect of it, small, go anywhere, "real" all wheel drive, boxer engine, and even car play...but couldn't get over lack of power. Sadly, I voted with my wallet. These crosstrek's with BFGs and method race wheels look really really nice. Oh well.
Got rid of my Crosstreck and bought a Honda HR-V Love it compare to Subaru *** Rides like an Car not some old!!!!
When you do offer it, please have the common sense to offer better engine, leather, sunroof... and a stick shift. I, as hords of people I work with, want stick. So many are not happy with there cars/trucks because either it wasn’t an option or you had to deal with “paper bag seats and 4/60 air conditioning ( 4 windows open at 60 MPH). It can’t be that hard to offer it...
This would be on my "List" with the XT version. Not interested in the non turbo. It is just not enough. It would be just about perfect with the WRX 2.0T!
How about the 2.0l ,200 HP naturally aspirated engine in the BRZ ?
I’ve owned 3forester xt’s,2017 the most recent. Each xt was slower than the previous model. The 2017 also had zero kick from a dead stop, despite its 250 hp turbo. I now own a 2019 crosstrek and a 2019 outback 3.6 R. It’s very smooth, quiet and much quicker from a dead stop than any of my xt’s! It is also just plain faster than any of my xt’s! The 3.6R is the most underrated engine from every car article I have read! These same articles will indicate that plus gas won’t make a difference... wrong! The plus delivers more power in the upper rpm range, and this is also true for my 2019 crosstrek! I’ve been getting 24.2 mpg mixed driving in my outback. 30.2 mpg in my crosstrek... mostly city driving. Both cars are wonderful,
Bwahaha, your xt must have been defective or you had one too many burritos... No way the xts were slower. Lies
Re-read what he said, quicker from a dead stop, off the line. He's not talking about 0-60 or the 1/4 mile, of course the XT will be faster, but 0-20, 0-30, perhaps he's 100% correct?
Well that's a clickbait title
There are a lot of forums of people wishing there was a turbo. From sales side of things, they're not in demand. Reasons they got rid of the Turbo in the Forester. I don't think it'd be a big seller. People like fuel economy.
No turbo...swap in the 2.5 from the 19 Forester, keep the 6 speed manual, if Turbo is a must, use the 2.5 T from the accent.. The base 2.0 is a yawner...
I agree and so does the Forester. However, most of the buyers are content w the slouches. On flat road its ok, but in the mountains at 8k and above they are dogs. I got the last forester xt for that reason. Couldn't stand the slow 2.5 and the crappy manual gearbox.
Ask Subaru, the issue isn't lack of demand, it's lack of inventory that has slowed crosstrek sales, the forester is hot and they can't build enough of them, so much so that they have cut back on crosstrek production to offset it.
I bought new a Forester. L series in 2002. I love it. I have never liked to "SLOW" acceleration. Very dangerous driving thru Missouri & Colorado. NO PASSING CAPABILITIES. I keep hoping Subaru will come out with a non-turbo 200-250 horse power engine. Don't want a turbo as this is something else to service. I will be in the market for a new vehicle with in the next yr or 2. My '02 only has 165,000 miles on it. Has a 5 speed tranny which I'm tired of. Heated cloth seats which I've kept cover since buying. In other words they look BRAND NEW! A vehicle with extra acceleration is to me cheap insurance, like spending a few extra dollars on above average tires.. I love my Forester but it's a challenge when driving thru hilly, winding roads.