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Watch Jaw-Dropping BMW Quickly Transform itself into an Autobot, it Will Make You Want One [Video]

Watch as a Cool BMW 3 Series transform itself into an Autobot. It Will Make You Want One.

Can a BMW 3 Series really be transformed into an Autobot? A Turkish company by the name of Letrons has built a real-life 1:1 scale working model. The Red BMW 3 Series is called Antimon and it took the engineers 8 months to complete it.

The turkish team who created Antimon consisted of 12 Engineers and 4 supporting technicians. The mechanical construction was built in their Ankara head office and the software was developed in Technopark.

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Letrons says the car is not drivable in traffic yet, and it functions via remote control which operates the electric motor. The Autobot was built using real BMW 3 Series. The BMW doesn’t walk, but the engineers say walking functionality can be added if a reasonable funding is provided for a new research and development project.

Letrons says more cars will be coming to life in the future and will be for sale if buyers project and their reasons for use, meets the criteria of the Letrons team. They did not reveal the price of having one built. If you want one of these BMW 3 Series Autobots, or another model, you can contact Letrons here.

Watch Rise of Letrons BMW 3 Series Official video

Source: Letrons

Photo: Letrons