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440 hp Special Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, WRX STI killer announced

Mitsubishi Motors UK announces details of the 2015 Lancer Evolution X FQ-440 MR special edition model.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X is an iconic car in the UK and around the globe and it’s making a return in a big way to UK. Mitsubishi Motors UK has announced details of the 2015 Lancer Evolution X FQ-440 MR special edition model that will be ultra exclusive for performance fans in the UK. The special edition 2015 Lancer Evolution X will be built to help celebrate the company’s 40th Anniversary in the UK.

What makes this Evolution X so special? Only 40 examples will be built so this performance car will be ultra-exclusive. Lance Bradley, Managing Director for Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, said, “Mitsubishi Motors in the UK is pleased to announce that, as part of our celebrations of being 40 years in the UK, we will be producing 40 special edition Evo Xs. The Lancer Evolution has always been a halo model for Mitsubishi and this special edition is no exception. More powerful than ever before and with a very limited availability, it will be a ‘must have’ for all die-hard Evolution fans!”

More power than ever before

How much power will the new Lancer Evolution X FQ-440 MR special edition model have? Mitsubishi says the exclusive model will come with a Bespoke engine ECU re-map producing a massive 440 bhp at 6,800 rpm and 412 lb.ft at 3,100 rpm. That's a bunch of hp from the 2.0-liter turbocharged Mitsubishi engine. Only 40 UK performance fans will be able to get their hands on this 440 hp beauty. The QG5 Lancer Evolution X FQ-440 MR will be priced at 50,000 British Pounds ($82,000 US) and will likely be pushed much higher because of the demand for this special EVO X.

This special edition EVO powertrain will also come with an HKS turbo, Janspeed exhaust system with a high-flow sports catalytic convertor, 6 Speed Twin Clutch Sports Shift Transmission (SST), Janspeed intake & intercooler piping kit, Janspeed tubular manifold, and Motorsport specification high-flow fuel injectors.

The suspension also gets special upgrades. It will feature an Alcon front braking system with 6 pot mono-block front calipers with floating disc and bell assembly, Alcon rear caliper with floating disc and bell assembly, Front suspension lowered by 35mm, Rear suspension lowered by 30mm, Eibach coil springs, and Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) with full time 4WD system.

Special treatments inside and out

The exterior will get special treatments to set this special edition EVO X apart. It will feature Forged 18” BBS alloy wheels, Bi-xenon headlights with adaptive front-lighting system (AFS), Front fog lamps and PIAA motorsport silicone windscreen wiper blades.

The cabin gets a Keyless Operation System (KOS) with push button start, CAT 1 approved alarm immobiliser, Recaro branded leather bucket seats, Rockford Fosgate premium audio with SD card based music server, 8 speakers plus subwoofer.

This Lancer Evolution X FQ-440 MR special edition model also comes with high-tech upgrades. It features a leather sports steering wheel with audio and cruise controls, SD Card based Navigation system with 7-inch LCD touch screen, Airbags – dual front, side, curtain and driver’s knee SRS airbags, Bluetooth handsfree system with music streaming and High contrast LCD Display.

Special On-board diagnostic (OBD) system

Another cool feature on this EVO will be the data recorder which is connected through the On-board diagnostic (OBD) system. This will record details like driving style, performance, vehicle diagnostics, and present location. Details of the data will be available to both CCC and the registered owner of the vehicle. This service comes with a three year subscription and is included in the vehicle price.

The 2015 Lancer Evolution X FQ-440 MR special edition will only be available in one color, a special edition Frost White. If you want one of these ultra-exclusive 2015 Lancer Evolution X FQ-440 MR special edition 40th Anniversary models, you better get your order in quickly. They will likely be snatched up quickly, because this Lancer EVO will be fast and in high demand.

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penilesecretion (not verified)    May 23, 2014 - 11:32PM

what the hell is wrong with mitsu? I like the performance.. but hate the almost 10 year old boring body style.. and throw in a hatch or at least a lift back.... plus.. on any car costing more than 30 grand, you sure as hell need a nicer interior than a 1980's hyundai.. fuggin hell what is with subie and mitsu... you charge up the ass but put in crap interiors... come on already.. you've always heard the reviews... good car sh!t interior... come on fix it already... ford sure as hell did....all they need is 50 more hp and awd and the focus ST would kill the anus licking subies and mitsus

Eric Kam (not verified)    January 16, 2015 - 3:20AM

$80k US, $50,000 pounds UK. Lucky UK fans. This car will be a serious performer with only latest GTR and 911 turbo AWD matching the performance this FQ-440 will generate. And will do so for $30k-$40k cheaper.
If I had the $one and lived in UK I would order one. Full Warranty too!! Come on, this thing is how all Evo's in US too should bow out final year of ANY EVOLUTION production.