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Update - Subaru's Future Lineup Is Leaked Model Dates And All-New Trims

A leaked slide revealed Subaru’s future lineup. Torque News has removed the information and has updated this story.

A leaked slide Torque News obtained from another automotive website for this story was leaked proprietary information. Torque News was asked by Subaru of America to remove the slide and remove the information collected from the image. It contained the complete new model production start dates for the entire Subaru lineup through 2023.

The story Torque News reported on says the slide was put up on Instagram and taken down shortly after. The image revealed when the next-generation BRZ, WRX, and STI will start production, along with when the all-new Subaru all-electric SUV developed now with Toyota, will start production.

2021-2023 Subaru new model and production start dates

The Subaru timeline slide also revealed new models meant for its employees and Torque News will honor Subaru of America’s request to remove all information we obtained for the leaked slide. The information that follows is what Torque News has reported earlier and is not from the leaked image. However, Subaru has not confirmed anything that follows.

As Torque News reported, earlier, the next-generation Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 will arrive next spring 2021. They will likely get a new FA24 2.4-liter direct-injection naturally-aspirated Boxer and not a turbocharged version. The two rear-drive sport coupes will come with around 217 horsepower if reports are accurate.

2021-2023 Subaru new model and production start dates

The next-generation sport-tuned Subaru WRX and performance-tuned WRX STI could come with the FA24 2.4-liter turbocharged Boxer engine. Reports say the STI could have close to 400 horsepower. The WRX and STI should arrive sometime in 2021-2022.

Subaru is bringing a new Subaru all-electric SUV developed with Toyota. Subaru President and CEO Tom Doll said in an interview in April, “We will be introducing an (all-electric) SUV in a couple of years through our partnership with Toyota. I can’t speak too much about the details about it, but needless to say, it’s going to be a great electric vehicle for us and our first fully-electric vehicle.”

2021-2023 Subaru new model and production start dates

Subaru plans on bringing more hybrid and plug-in hybrid models to its current lineup of all-wheel-drive models. Tom Doll said the automaker would have a full vehicle lineup of full-electric vehicles coming through the mid-2025 to 2030 models.

We want to respect Subaru of America and Subaru Corporation’s proprietary information. This journalist’s goal is to provide our readers with the most accurate information on new and upcoming Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, and Ascent SUVs, and WRX, STI, and BRZ sports cars.

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EVERYBODY complains about the lack of power and torque in the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ. Why have they never offered an H6 (six cylinder boxer) engine, at least as an option for people willing to pay for more Factory performance?
That woudl probably throw off the front to rear weight ratio too much.I'd say using the WRX FA20t would have been a more likely candidate but then that may rob sales from the WRX.