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Subaru Says New EVs Coming In 2025 Will Access Tesla Supercharging Network

How will customers charge their new Subaru EVs? Subaru announced that it will have access to the Tesla Supercharging Network. Here is what it means for Subaru customers soon.


The winds of change are blowing at Subaru Corporation as they are embracing the move to all-electric models. The first move forward to an electric vehicle lineup starts in 2025. Now, customers can charge the new models anywhere thanks to a new agreement with Tesla. 

I reported earlier that four new Subaru electric vehicles are coming in 2025. It will be more accessible now for customers to charge the all-new battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). An announcement from Subaru of America says the Japanese automaker has agreed with Tesla to have access to its Supercharging Network.

2025 Subaru EVs using Tesla supercharging network

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The new Subaru EVs will adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) for the charging ports for the all-new BEVs to be launched in North America beginning in 2025. The Tesla Supercharging network System will become available in 2025. 

Subaru of America says, “To provide customers with access to the extensive Tesla charging network, Subaru will adopt NACS ports on certain Subaru BEVs launched in North America beginning in 2025 and will continue to advance NACS adoption for its subsequent BEVs to be launched after that.”

The announcement says Subaru plans to provide access to an adapter enabling NACS charging from 2025 for customers owning or leasing applicable Subaru BEVs equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS). Customers of NACS-compatible Subaru BEVs will gain access to more than 15,000 Tesla Superchargers across North America, “significantly enhancing charging convenience,” says Subaru.

Four new 2025 Subaru EVs

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Under Subaru’s new management structure established in June 2023, Subaru announced a goal of “aiming for 50 percent of total global sales to be BEVs in 2030” to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality.

Subaru of America has not confirmed the four new electrified models. I recently reported that Dominick Infante, Director of Corporate Communications for Subaru of America, told WardsAuto in an interview that the four new electrified models will be built in collaboration with Toyota. The four new electrified models are for U.S. customers.

Subaru of America is bringing four new electric models to U.S. customers by 2025 and four more by 2028. We know those new BEVs will easily access the Tesla Supercharging Network. Stay tuned.

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