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Subaru Plant Where The 2024 Outback Is Made Pulls Off A First-Ever

Have you ever heard of an automotive manufacturing plant being inducted into the Hall of Fame? Neither have I, but it just happened for Subaru of Indiana Automotive. 


The Subaru plant where the top-selling 2024 Outback midsize SUV is made just picked up a prestigious award I've never heard of. Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA), Subaru's U.S. plant, announced it was inducted into the Indiana Manufacturers Hall of Fame. It’s the first-ever for any automotive manufacturing facility. 

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SIA was chosen from a select group of Indiana manufacturers for its positive achievements and contributions to the manufacturing industry and an ongoing commitment to its employees and community, according to the announcement.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive is selected to the Indiana Manufacturers Hall of Fame

Photo: Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Pictured left to right is IMA Board Chair Rachel Osting, SIA Group Leader Charlie Horwedel, SIA Assistant Senior Manager Jeff McTagertt, SIA Senior Manager Mike Harmon, SIA Executive Vice President Scott Brand, SIA President and CEO Ryoto Fukumizu, SIA Senior Vice President Ed Wulbrecht, SIA Vice President Steve Rider, SIA Senior Manager Mike Perkins, and IMA President and CEO Brian Burton.

"On behalf of our associates, I'd like to thank the IMA for this honor," said Ed Wulbrecht, senior vice president at SIA. "We are as proud of the 7 million vehicles we've made as we are to call Indiana—and Lafayette—our home."

"The IMA Hall of Fame Inductions are held to celebrate and recognize the positive achievements made by Indiana manufacturing companies and to honor their contributions to furthering manufacturing in Indiana," said IMA President and CEO Brian Burton. "We congratulate Subaru for their outstanding work and continued dedication in making Indiana a manufacturing powerhouse."

SIA makes the 2024 Subaru Outback

A subsidiary of Subaru U.S. Holdings, SIA is the only Subaru manufacturing plant outside Japan. Models built at the plant in Lafayette are Subaru of America's number one selling Outback midsize SUV, 2024 Crosstrek Sport, Limited and all-new Crosstrek Wilderness, Subaru Ascent 3-Row SUV, and the 2024 Legacy midsize sedan. 

I've covered the SIA plant extensively and how Subaru Corporation recently switched production to make room for the 2024 Crosstrek to be moved to the U.S. for the first time. The first third-generation Subaru Crosstrek SUVs rolled off the assembly live in the U.S. factory in May.

SIA dropped the Impreza compact car and shifted its production to Japan to make room for the next-generation Crosstrek at the U.S. plant. Because the Crosstrek outsells the Impreza by ten times, Subaru of America wanted the Crosstrek built closer to home for its U.S. customers.

SIA recently produced its seven millionth U.S.-built vehicle earlier this year. "Amid ongoing production challenges, this milestone has added significance," said Scott Brand, executive vice president. "Thanks to our dedicated associates, we have continued to produce big numbers despite supply chain issues."

Subaru of Indiana Automotive was inducted into the Indiana Manufacturers Hall of Fame. It's an award I've never heard of. Congratulations SIA! 

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Here is a YouTube video from SIA you may be interested in watching

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Photo: Subaru of Indiana Automotive


A Kleman (not verified)    October 21, 2023 - 6:59AM

What a great honor. I am a 2 time Outback owner and will get another when needed and love that they are made in the USA. But I can see from your photo that there is only one woman pictured. That might explain why you come up with colors, and names of colors that appeal more to men than women. My first Outback was “Graphite Grey”, now I have a “Titanium”. Really??!! Please come up with better, more interesting and vibrant colors for a fun loving, outdoors type person. Other manufactures have them available and so should an innovative company like Subaru. I want a vehicle that I can spot in a parking lot, not one that matches all the other black, grey, beige, nondescript cars. Hope I don’t need another Outback before more exciting color choices are available. But I do love most other things about it.