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The New Subaru Forester SUV Is Not Loved Most, You Pick Legacy Sedan In Vermont

When you think of the most popular cars by state, you think of the Subaru Forester in cold-weather states. But it’s not the SUV that is loved the most in Vermont, it’s the Legacy sedan.

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Thanks to research by Insurify Insights, the insurance website has come up with the 10 most popular cars by state. There is one Subaru on the top-ten most popular cars list and it dominates the state of Vermont. It might surprise you that it’s not the Subaru Forester SUV or the best-selling Subaru Outback SUV/Crossover, it’s the Subaru Legacy sedan. Vermonters will love it, even more, when the all-new 2020 Legacy arrives next month.

It’s not surprising that a Subaru vehicle is the most popular in Vermont because of its northern climate that has cold and snowy winters where the average temperatures in the winter are a cold 2 degrees to 12 degrees. With snow and ice, you need an all-wheel-drive vehicle and the Subaru Legacy is the only sedan in America with standard all-wheel-drive.

2020 Subaru Legacy

It’s also interesting that Subaru has four vehicles in the U.S. that are the most Googled cars. The Subaru Outback, Crosstrek, Impreza and Legacy are the most researched Subaru vehicles in six U.S. states. According to Google Search Volume Data, these Subarus are the #1 Googled vehicle in certain areas of the country. But even more surprising is the Legacy sedan is the top Googled car in two states, Idaho and West Virginia.

Other data from AAA shows the Subaru Outback is the number one selling vehicle in Washington, Colorado, and Maine, while the Forester dominates in Connecticut. The number isn’t skewed from fleet sales, because unlike most automakers (Toyota, Honda), Subaru sells virtually no vehicles to fleet or bulk buyers. All registration numbers come from private owners. It’s one reason why the resale value is so high on the multi-purpose AWD Subaru vehicles.

The study also shows it’s Honda that is the most popular brand with the Accord sedan and Civic compact that dominate as the most popular cars in 42 percent of states. Like Subaru, Honda customers are extremely loyal to their brand and they keep coming back as repeat buyers. But it’s the Subaru Legacy that is most-loved in the state of Vermont.

The newly-redesigned 2020 Subaru Legacy begins arriving at showrooms late this month. Vermonters will likely love the new model even more.

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Adam (not verified)    September 19, 2019 - 7:07AM


Consider maybe adjusting the title of this article so it's readable and/or grammatically correct?

Monte Mayer (not verified)    September 19, 2019 - 10:08AM

In '93 I bought a new Subaru Legacy Wagon.In 2019, after almost 200,000 miles on her, and never had trouble of any sort. In 2019, I traded it for a '94 Legacy wagon that only had 126,000 miles on it. I live in a snow area in Vermont.She is sitting outside and brought me to work this morning, though for now the sun is shining. Would never consider any other vehicle in this area.