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Is This The New Mitsubishi Evolution X Successor?

Mitsubishi announces a new flagship concept car, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept. Is this the new Lancer EVO X successor?


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution id dead, but the Evolution nameplate is alive and well and the performance car could be returning soon. Mitsubishi Motors Corp (MMC) just announced a new flagship concept car, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept.

It’s been rumored since Mitsubishi axed the Lancer EVO X that they would bring back the nameplate as a performance SUV. It looks like it’s getting closer to reality. The Japanese automaker will bring a new e-Evolution Concept pictured above to the 45th Tokyo Motor Show running from October 27th through November 5th.

Mitsubishi says this will be a “True milestone event in which the corporation will wave the flag under new circumstances to usher a new era of long term growth and sustainable development, returning to where it belongs to better embrace the future.”

They also say this new Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept will be an all-new “flagship” concept car for the brand as this new era begins. Mitsubishi has new infused enthusiasm because of its new partnership with Nissan and things are looking up for the struggling automaker.

The announcement today says this model will be a “very high performance” automobile and will blend Mitsubishi Motors’ signature 4WD and electric powertrain know-how with advanced Artificial Intelligence technology under a low slung aerodynamic SUV Coupe shape.

It sounds like the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept could be the re-birth of the EVO performance sedan, this time in the form of a very high-performance SUV coupe. Things are certainly looking up for the Japanese automaker. We just hope this high-performance concept vehicle makes it to production. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation