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New Crosstrek Picks Up A Subaru First-Ever 5 Top Global Awards

The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek just pulled off a first-ever for Subaru Corporation. Check out the subcompact SUV's five global awards.

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I have covered the Crosstrek since it made its dealer launch in 2012. The Subaru Crosstrek has five global awards now. It's the first time for a Subaru vehicle. When the Crosstrek made its international debut in 2012, Subaru Corporation had no idea the small SUV would be a big hit. The Crosstrek was at the right place at the perfect time.

The Crosstrek is a "go-anywhere" subcompact SUV with five global awards. Subaru Corporation says no other Subaru vehicle has achieved this many honors. Here are the five top awards.

Subaru Crosstrek is the Japan Car of the Year 10 Best Cars award winner. 

The Crosstrek is one of the "10 Best Cars" in Japan. The "10 Best Cars" award is prestigious in Japan, and the small SUV impressed the judges.

Judges were impressed with the new Crosstrek's interior space, plus its sporty wide and low exterior presence. The body and chassis rigidity is increased significantly, and body vibrations have been reduced by 50 percent. They also felt the improved response to inputs in steering and driving dynamics and body roll improvements in the corners.

2024 Subaru Crosstrek driving

Crosstrek is the best pick of the RJC Car of the Year. 

The Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference of Japan, also known as RJC, is a non-profit organization established in 1990, consisting of Japan-based automotive critics and journalists. The Crosstrek is a top pick by this organization. 

Automotive Assessment Vehicle Safety Performance 2023 Five-Star Award

Subaru Corp announced that Crosstrek earned the highest score in the Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP) preventive safety performance assessment. Crosstrek, Forester, and Impreza received the top Advanced Safety Vehicle Triple Plus (ASV +++) rating.

Japan Automobile Car Technology of the Year Good Design Award

Fans may not be excited about Subaru's design language, but the Japanese automaker picked up four recent awards from the Good Design team. Subaru announced two new models picked up the award.

I am surprised the all-new 2024 Subaru Crosstrek and 2024 Subaru Impreza are recipients of the Good Design Award 2023. I have covered the Good Design awards for years, and it's not the first time the Japanese automaker has won awards for the best design language.

The winner in 2012 was the all-new 2013 XV Crosstrek, and the Impreza compact and the Forester SUV took home the honors in 2014. 

It's the first time any Subaru model has been selected for five global awards. The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek is available now in the U.S., and the small SUV is not slowing down. 

Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this Subaru Crosstrek story. See you tomorrow for my latest Subaru Report.

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Dominick Turitto (not verified)    November 24, 2023 - 7:44PM

How can the crosstrek have the same engine as the forester? I spoke to a couple of owners they say there is not enough pick up is this true. And does Subaru plan on installing a bigger engine?