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Mitsubishi’s New Eco-Performance SUV Won’t Be a Boring EV

Mitsubishi’s new eco-performance SUV could change the EV landscape. It won’t be a boring EV.


Mitsubishi’s new e-Evolution Concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, shows what is coming for the renewed MMC brand and performance fans should be excited. Nissan has infused money, and most importantly, hope for the Japanese automaker. Look for some exiting new eco-performance products from Mitsubishi, and they won’t be boring.

Here’s a quick look at what’s on the drawing board for Mitsubishi performance. How about the EVO successor called the e-Evolution. Mitsubishi (MMC) says they will “expand and accelerate its EV deployment” now that Nissan has come to their aid. It starts with the e-Evolution, that’s still in concept form, but the brand will revive the Lancer Evolution nameplate with a new eco-performance SUV that looks pretty cool.

The brand will be pushing the eco-performance envelope with technology developed from years of motorsports involvement. Mitsubishi has a long and strong heritage to draw from with their proven off-road performance, superior 4WD control and rally-bred EVO sedan. The new e-Evolution will be a new breed of “high performance cross-country tourer.”

Mitsubishi says the e-Evolution Concept uses high-torque, high-performance electric motors, fed by a high-capacity battery system to deliver its superior performance. The press release says it will be faster and quicker than their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) powered Lancer Evolution performance sedan. It will have a lower center of gravity due to the drive battery being located under the floor mid-ship of the vehicle, so it should also have superior driving dynamics.

Mitsubishi’s excellent Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) will send power to all four wheels giving it the agility of a high performance cross-country tourer. When the production model does arrive, look for the e-Evolution to be an all-electric hot hatch that will be anything but boring.

Photo credit: Mitsubishi