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How Subaru WRX STI influenced new 2016 Outback’s driving dynamics [video]

The new 2016 Subaru WRX STI is a great performer on the street and track. How did the rally-bred sedan influence the 2016 Outback wagon?


When Subaru developed the WRX and WRX STI in motorsports they had their eye on winning, but they also knew the information gained would be used in cars you drive everyday. This is what makes the WRX/STI production models extremely high on the fun-to-drive meter. It’s also what makes the new 2016 Subaru Outback a wagon that handles extremely well on the road. How did the rally-bred STI influence the new Outback?

What is Active Torque Vectoring (ATV)?

Starting in 2015, the SUV-alternative Outback features a new yaw-control system called Active Torque Vectoring (ATV). This technology also featured in the WRX STI, makes handling more precise and enhances the vehicle’s agility in the corners. This is accomplished by using the braking system to help turn the vehicle. ATV allows the driver to push the performance envelope to the limits and gives the driver a greater sense of control in spirited driving.

How does ATV work?

Subaru developed the system in motorsports and transfers the technology to their production vehicles like the WRX STI, Outback wagon and new Levorg sports tourer. ATV effectively brakes the inside wheels under cornering and apportions greater torque to the outside of the car, reducing understeer and oversteer to allow a more predictable and controlled course through corners.

2016 Subaru Outback owners aren’t taking their multi-purpose wagon to the track on weekends, but they do come across many different driving situations on the road where ATV comes into play. In wet or icy conditions, Subaru’s all-wheel-drive, torque distribution, engine output, and brakes all work in concert to keep the vehicle on course. It keeps the driver in control and provides a higher level of safety for everyone.

Watch Active Torque Vectoring in action on the WRX STI in the video below.

Media source: Subaru drive performance