2020 Subaru Forester STI, new Forester XT, 2.4-liter turbo engine
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Here Is A New Subaru Forester STI You Want But Can’t Get

Subaru offers a unique 2020 Forester STI with an aerodynamic package but U.S. customers can’t get it. See what else Subaru should bring customers.

Subaru and Subaru Tecnica International have partnered to bring a unique 2020 Forester STI aerodynamic package for Japanese customers but U.S. fans get left out again. We found this new-generation Forester performance aerodynamic package on the STI website but it’s only offered in Japan.

The 2020 Forester STI aerodynamic package comes with a front lip spoiler, side under spoiler, aero garnish, rear under spoiler, and special STI black alloy wheels that give it its sporty appearance. It sets the 2020 Forester apart in appearance from the standard model, and it also brings reduced drag at high speeds.

2020 Subaru Forester STI aerodynamic package

Subaru Tecnica International says the next-generation Forester “aero” package also keeps the rear gate free of debris if you are driving down a muddy, or snowy mountain road. The Forester STI keeps the wind flowing through the rear wheels and cleanly out the back without getting the rear dirty.

2020 Subaru Forester STI

We would like to see Subaru and Subaru Tecnica International take the new Forester STI even further and build a true STI model with a performance engine to go along with the new body kit. Imagine this cool looking 2020 Forester STI trim with an FA24 2.4-liter Boxer turbocharged engine under the hood of this black beauty.

The current Forester Sport trim you can buy in the U.S. comes with the standard 2.5-liter producing 182 horsepower and 176 pound-feet of torque (up from 170 hp and 174 lb-ft in the previous-generation Forester). Imagine the Ascent-sourced 2.4-liter turbocharged Boxer engine with 260-horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque under the hood to go along with the exterior aerodynamics package. Subaru is also using this engine in the new 2020 Outback and Legacy XT models.

Why doesn’t Subaru drop the 2.4L turbo engine in the new-generation Forester?

Subaru could hit a sweet spot with many customers if they would bring this new Forester model to the U.S. and other markets around the globe. We are guessing there are plenty of customers who would buy a Forester STI riding on the new Global Platform, with comfortable seats, an upscale leather interior, and 260 horsepower. Many customers would jump on a new 2020 Subaru Forester STI.

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Would you buy a new Forester STI with a 2.4L turbo engine?
Yes absolutely. I think the truck is underpowered and boring as it is. The only thing it stops me from buying it is the lack of proper horsepower
Yes I would buy it and the STI package as well. Thanks
In a heartbeat . I bought a 2019 forester, disappointed it didn't come with the 2.4 turbo. What about the 1.6 and 1.8 they offer ...
Yesterday, I'm 60 years old and can't stoop down to low. It's an easy access and everything that the outback onyx has and some.
Yes I would buy it. I like a car with a little zip, and the turbo would certainly help!
Yes I would love it. Currently live the new 2020 but like the ride better in the outback. Thinking of buying Forester. It don’t live the engine. Love your web site will keep checking back. Thank you.
I own a 14 forester xt. Would I buy a new one with the turbo 2.4? You betcha. Love the forester but not without the turbo. Subaru screwed up. Holding out on electric till 23? Right, I'll be in tesla Y by then!
Certainly, Why Subaru downgraded Forester in favor of say Outback and Legacy is a hard nut to crack. They have really disadvantaged us, we who have a traditional knack for the Forester. Some protests are needed here
We own a 2015 Forester XT. It's going to my daughter next year. We won't even look at anew Forester since they dropped the XT turbo package. Too bad, it was a fun vehicle.
I own a 2007 XT and need a new car, I would like another forester, however with out the turbo I am not interested.
No hood scoop no care. Sales dropped pretty quick when the hood scoop disappeared.. its boring, bland.. not sporty.. blends right into the crowd. I dont care about orange/red marking to make my car appear sporty. I want to see the TMIC through a functional hole in the hood. Subaru can claim its for aero/performance to have a wind deflection system in the grill.. but when I look under the hood of a subaru rally team USA car i'm not seeing them using this "superior" practice.
You hit the nail right on the head
Race cars don't have leaves and pine needles or snow and ice building up on the inter-cooler and owners that think maintenance is something they need to leave to the dealerships. Lowest common denominator owners breed play it safe cars. The people whining about no turbo don't want to pay 2500 extra for the privilege. The XT went away because sales of less than 100/month world wide doesn't even begin to pay for the cost of making it available.
If this is true, why then does Subaru think the same doesn't apply for Outback and Legacy which have been upgraded to super XT statuses
Yes, the ongoing issue of no love for Subaru customers in the engine dept, and to make the car that they want. They justified it with the ongoing record sales that they hit the market right. With sales no longer growing, what is their excuse now? Thanks to Mazda with the CX-5 turbo, and the upcoming Hyundai Tucson with a 2.0T to fill the gap that Subaru created in the Asian compact crossover market.
Well wouldn't that just be the Forestor XT which they dropped last year due to lack of sales.
That last comment was @Gibhunter
Will this version be available with a manual transmission?
I would definitely consider it. Don't quite understand Subarus thinking on the cars it's pushing out, Sport models look sporty but are conservative under the hood. Why is a Legacy sport look better than an XT with a turbo? All the Sport models have the looks but no power. I owned a 2009 legacy gt in Ruby red, in my honest opinion that was the last good looking Legacy that had good looks with power to back it up.
This vehicle, when equipped with turbo, is a perfect vehicle to go on back trails and overland. It handles, has the best AWD tech, comfortable, and can tow a small trailer. It was meant for adventure. Without turbo it gets groceries very safely.
I Kris am a American Subaru owner I think that it's sad Japan can't offer us the best Subaru we deserve and pay for just these alright one's I will never buy a new car because of that until they do keep your sorry Subaru in Japan cause we don't want it. Every one else should tell them the same thing boycott them till they give us what's due ,Take that Subaru our money ain't good enough now you get none
Sure, a more powerful engine would be nice, but it's the aero package that intrigues me, since I got it do a lot of freeway driving. I wonder if the aero parts could be ordered independently and then installed privately by a body shop in the US, and how much that would cost if possible?
I have a 2019 and the power is fine. I don't think many that are complaining actually own the car. Obviously a turbo has the cool factor, but handling should be discounted with the modern chasis. Go drive the Outback XT if you want to get a feel of what a imaginary Forester XT would be like. I did and honestly was a little underwhelmed. I'd rather have the S# mode.
They can keep their sorry ass STI Forester ! Subaru plays their little games , like let's just make it for Japan and not the U.S. Subaru isn't that great anyway. That's why I have a Mitsubishi Evo x. It blows Subaru away !
I had the misfortune to draw a 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander from Avis' rental car pool during a recent month-long road trip around Canada. That car handled like ca-ca, forcing me to take turns much more slowly than I do in my 2010 Outback, and being generally unresponsive in most other situations as well. Then I remembered the major Mitsubishi recall back in the '90s - something about them tipping over as I remember. That, and its numerous other inconveniences ranging from inadequate visors to inaccessible seat belts made me more grateful than ever to be a Subaru owner.
Is this what they built with all the recalled parts?
I would buy a Subaru Forester sti in a quick second. Too bad