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BMW i8 is Now the Most Requested Vehicle in Forza History; It’s Coming Soon to "Forza Horizon 3”

The all-electric BMW i8 is the most requested vehicle in Forza history. It’s coming soon to "Forza Horizon 3”


A new generation of car buyers can be found playing Xbox and they’ve told "Forza Horizon 3" community manager Brian Ekberg what vehicles they want to see. They are a passionate group who loves cars, and they know the ones they like. According to Gamenguide, the BMW i8 supercar is the most requested vehicle in Forza history. The report says the all-electric i8 is coming soon to debut in the forthcoming "Forzathon" January Car Pack.

The BMW i8 sports car will be available in the upcoming "Forza Horizon 3” set to debut in January. Ekberg told Gamenguide, "We will have an event in January that will star a BMW, in fact the most requested BMW in Forza history. I'm giving you guys a little tease about that, it's part of the January car pack, and we don't typically announce those cars early, but in this case we're making an exception."

Ekberg knows it’s a vibrant community that wants to express their love of cars. It’s a wide variety of people and all ages that play the game, from small kids who got into the game because their dads a big car fan, and also guys in their 40s who have loved cars their whole life. It’s the fans who are passionate about cars that come to the game, and they have definite opinions on which car they want to race.

It’s interesting that an all-electric vehicle is the most requested in Forza history. Could this be a paradigm shift in how a new generation views the technology? All-electric vehicles only account for about one percent of global car sales, but the public perception could be changing beginning with a younger generation of car buyers. The game developers are listening to their fans and they want the BMW i8 supercar. It’s the most requested vehicle in Forza history and it’s coming soon to "Forza Horizon 3”.

Photo credit: BMW