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If You Think the BMW i8 is for the Rich and Famous, a Pricier M i8 Has Been Confirmed

Get ready for a new BMW M i8 sports car. It’s been confirmed by BMW M

The rich and famous will be the only ones able to buy one, when BMW M GmbH gets their hands on the innovative i8 sports car. The BMW i8 sports car is priced from $140,700 USD now and it’s about to get a new M model that will make it even pricier.

According to Motoring, BMW M Division has confirmed a new M i8 is coming in the near future. When will it arrive? BMW M has all the technology available now to make it happen. It’s just a matter of time when the market is ready for it. BMW vice-president of sales and marketing for BMW’s M division, Peter Quintus, told Motoring recently, “In the longer-term there must be some kind of electrification of the M range. The question is, when do you do that?”

As the global shift to all-electric vehicles advances, automakers like BMW, are looking at ways to make eco-performance a part of the automotive landscape. The paradigm shift has already taken place, it’s just a matter of time before it happens.

Quintus goes on to say, “We have all the platforms and all of the technology at our disposal, including BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) cars, and could quite quickly change the M technology (to suit electric cars) if required, because all the elements are there in their base structure. At the moment, however, we don’t think it’s the right time.”

So if you think the BMW i8 is for the rich and famous, when BMW M GmbH gets their hands on the innovative i8 sports car, it will be even pricier for performance enthusiasts. BMW M’s VP of sales confirmed a new Mi8 is coming in the near future. When asked about whether we’d see a new Mi model, he smiled and said, “Absolutely!”

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