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5 new features make 2015 Mercedes CLA-Class even more attractive

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is coming with five new features that will make the four-door coupe even more attractive.


Mercedes-Benz has refined the 2015 CLA-Class even more for the 2015 model year. The 2015 four-door coupe will come with new features that will make it even more attractive to a new generation of buyers. The CLA-Class is striking from every angle and it's been a big hit with millennial buyers around the globe. Mercedes has upgraded the new 2015 CLA with new technical features, appointments and options.

CLA-Class gets safer

The 2015 CLA-Class gets safer with the addition of autonomous partial braking. This will help reduce the the risk of rear-end collisions. If the driver fails to act when the risk of a collision is detected, the system will automatically trigger partial braking. Attention Assist has also been upgraded and will operate within an extended speed range (60 - 200 km/h), this now uses a five-stage bar display to visualize the driver's current attention level.

Mercedes says, in addition, Traffic Sign Assist will recognize more traffic signs, can recognize speed limits, no-overtaking restrictions and the lifting of such restrictions, and will also alert any driver attempting to drive onto a road in the wrong direction, for example when joining a freeway.

Comfort features

CLA will now feature a new option called Keyless-Go. Owners can open, start and lock the vehicle just by carrying the electronic key in their pocket. It includes the Keyless-Go starting function too, which is also available separately.

New Infotainment

The new 2015 CLA-Class will get the new generation of telematics from Mercedes that includes more intuitive controls as well as new animated menus and visual representations on the head unit display. A free-standing 8-inch display will now be available as an option and "Mercedes connect me" standard services are provided as part of the basic specification and can be enhanced through the addition of further options. CLA will also be available with Convenience Telephony and able to connect in to high-speed LTE networks. And Media Interface, now a standard feature, allows the connection of Apple devices using the "Apple Lightning" interface.

New Ambient lighting

CLA gets a new ambient lighting system that buyers can customize to their own individual atmosphere inside and offers twelve color schemes that can be selected to suit taste and mood. A new satin-finish light brown poplar wood trim is available on CLA for the first time. CLA 45AMG will get a new option; AMG 19-inch multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, painted black and with a high-sheen finish.

Higher output CDI

The European CLA 220 CDI comes now with an extra 5 kW. Its current output is 130 kW (177 hp), 350 Nm, it will sprint from 0-100 km/h in 8.2 s, and has a top speed of 232 km/h. CLA 180 CDI, now has lower emissions of 99 g CO2/km.

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class gets more refined and is coming with five new features that will make the four-door coupe even more attractive for a new generation of millennial buyers. It should make the CLA-Class an even more attractive offering.

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