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4 Reasons Why You Say Subaru Drivers Are The Worst

If you are buying a 2020 Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, or WRX, beware that other drivers don’t like you. Here’s four reasons why.

Some car brands like Subaru just can’t catch a break and their drivers are judged rightly or wrongly. According to custom license plate suppliers Click4Reg, Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, and WRX/STI drivers have the worst reputations among all car brands. They surveyed over 2,000 drivers to reveal the most common impressions people have of drivers of each car brand. If you drive a Subaru, it's not good for you.

Why are Subaru owners seen as the worst drivers more than all others on the road? You have probably heard jokes about Subaru owners. They drive too slow, or the back of their cars is full of stickers, or they are driven by granola-eating hippies from the 60s, or that their cars are too loud. Some of these things might even be true. The survey reveals some interesting findings.

Stickered-up Subaru Outback

When asked for their opinions on different car brands, it’s easy for people to speak up, especially when it’s about other drivers as everyone has an opinion. When asked “Do you think Subaru owners are likely to be fast or slow drivers?”, 40 percent (800 people) said, if they get behind a Subaru, they are likely to be a slow driver. They did not break it down by model, but we are guessing it’s Forester and Outback as some owners tend to be more conservative drivers.

The other interesting findings found 20 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t even date a Subaru driver. 32 percent said they dislike Subaru owners, and a whopping 75 percent agreed that Subaru owners are bad drivers.

This was not in the survey done by the custom license plate suppliers, but Subaru WRX and WRX STI drivers have a reputation for being the most annoying. If you live near a Subaru WRX or WRX STI owner you’ve probably been woken up or annoyed by their loud exhales pipes.

The Subaru Boxer engine has a unique sound and WRX/STI drivers like to make their performance cars even louder by installing custom exhaust systems. It’s called the “Subie rumble” and WRX/STI owners are proud of it.

Subaru WRX exhaust

If you buying a new 2020 Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek or WRX/STI, just know you are already disliked by a lot of other drivers on the road. It’s because the perception out there is, you drive too slow, your Outback is full of stickers, you don’t know how to drive, and your WRX/STI is too loud. If you are in a long line of cars looking to merge into slower traffic, don’t be surprised if they don’t let you in. But you love your Subaru and you don’t care what they think.

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What do you say about Subaru drivers?
I say they are smarter than the rest of folks out there. :). I’d agree that Subaru owners drive slower because we are enjoying the experience more than everyone else. Why rush through the best part of your day!
Woah woah there. Enjoying the experience? I like a wrx and brz; and I think there’s an argument to be made for the forester and maybe the outback. But I hope you’re driving the former because the latter are not about enjoyment. The cvt is all but infuriating and the manual is out of an 80s Toyota. There’s little power. Handling is “acceptable” at best. Mpg... ha! I think they’re very useful and safe. I give a lot of car recommendations, I’m the car guy of my rather academically oriented group and I recommend the forester all the time. To a certain group of people. Most of them hate to drive. Hate owning a car. Want to appear woodsy and hip. They love their Subaru foresters. They aren’t at all enjoyable to drive anymore than any low end car. Definitely bottom of the pack on driving enjoyment.
Couldn't agree more with this comment. Too slow? Perhaps we are but my experience is those non-Subaru owners drive too fast. Either they are late or drive fast all the time. My outback is my first one and is the smoothest, most solid cars I’ve driven. The Subaru family is strong and alive & well.
Hardly. I leap to judge cattle who buy from a company that professes it’s all about love but refuses to build a car in the 21st century that does something to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuel. Shame on Suburu for not building an all-electric car or at least a blooming hybrid! I will never own a Suburu for this reason, and it’s why I judge Suburu owners for their myopic selfishness.
Subaru does make a Crosstek Hybrid. So what's your problem?
Subaru owners are cult members. They wear skinny jeans, plaid shirts over black hoodies, imitation Red Wing boots, have beards (the women too), and flat-billed baseball hats. Drink stinky IPA beer, smoke, and have rocket boxes on their rooftops smothered with sticker. Shall I go on?
And I bet you own a rover 214 and go to swinging parties to try an liven up your obviously very dull life.... you utter twat!!
Wow, never done any of the things you indicate. Some sound interesting but, we all have vices and whatever car you own/drive I’m sure come with its own set of caveats as well. How many here own a Prius? Much slower reputation than Subaru for sure.
This article is disorganized and terribly written.
Agree. And what was the source of half the listed stats? The only mentioned source asked daft questions: for example, Subie owners aren't *all* too fast OR too slow, half are too slow and half are too fast, so they are both, but that wasn't a selection, ends up being largely self-cancelling, yet it still stood out! Subies are one of the brand's either covered by stickers, or has (again) had the opposite: even some of the stock affixed stickers and plates have been removed or blacked-out (again, self-cancelling). And so on. The author could have somewhat redeemed a phoned-home but otherwise fun article by musing about these survey flaws and indicating where the most inflammatory responses came from. It's especially owed when using click-bait titles.
Whats the point of driving fast between stoplights?
I say you’re an idiot who came up with all of this out of your ass. Exhales pipes??? Come on dude. Wtf are those?
I drive a subaru forester 4x4 and its the best car ive driven i am 61 years old ftom edinburgh scotland and love my subaru .
I drive a Subaru Forrester and I'm doing my utmost to dispel the notion that Subaru drivers are slow. I'm usually one of the faster drivers on the road (not the fastest as I'll let the worst speed demons pass me so they can get caught). I will add that I try to be a courteous driver, avoiding tailgating or other annoying/risky behavior. Also when I'm in "sightseeing mode" on two lane roads and more interested in admiring the scenery than getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, I'll try to pull over and let the speed demons pass safely (and sometimes I'll tail them for awhile just to prove I know how to take the curves etc. - times when having a six speed manual is exhilarating!).
2000 people is nothing lmao. at least Subaru drivers use their blinkers, unlike shitty BMW drivers. also when there is a drop of water on the road were not going 15 under the speed limit. most Subaru drivers I see are going over the speed limit or casually driving like a normal person....
This article should be about Prius, Tesla, or Truck drivers. Complete and utter entitled assholes.
Totally agree!
You r the type of person who gets in the left laneat the last second in some weak attempt to police the roads on ur way to the home depot where u will park in contractor parking so u can pick up a couple chinese garden figurines while some poor overworked carpenter pushes 500 lbs of lumber through the snow to where you should be parked
They're clearly just jealous. Not speeding g doesn't make someone a bad driver -neither do stickers.
I disagree with your opinion on Subaru drivers. I have noticed an appreciable increase of manic, or Mario Andretti type, drivers in hybrids on the roads. Toyota Prius drivers top the list!!
I feel like this survey was conducted like so. Do you like or dislike those stupid subura drivers? Do you believe those slow subaru drivers are fast or slow? Do you think those really annoying exhaust systems on the wrx are annoying or not annoying? If so then this is a bs survey. You need to give people options. Let them choose between multiple car manufacturers. You'll get bad results if you focus on any one single brand. To many surveys are skewed to say exactly what they want them to say. This isn't the 2016 presidential election. We don't need you lying to us about your surveys.
I just find Subaru drivers to be uninterested drivers. Their stickers and roof box mean more to them than paying attention. They’re not weaving in and out of traffic, but they’re making left turns from the right lane throwing a peace sign. Unless they’re just the “little old ladies” at heart that bought it for the safety features (new models). Then all bets are off. Probably still not speeding though. Wrx drivers balance that out though. I think THULE should sell rebranded Subarus. Maybe sell them at reí. They’re pretty much just a marketing campaign on a Toyota anyway.
Subaru cult: they swill IPA, wear imitation Pendleton plaid shirts over black hoodies, imitation Red Wing boots, skinny jeans, and flat-billed baseball hats. Beards & BO. Silly stickers smothering their rooftop rocket boxes, rooftop tents they never use, and really wished they bought an XC60!
i have a tuned 2011 wrx and a 218 sti. you can keep hating, just get the hell out of my way.
I'm sorry, this article is completely wrong... The cock/douche-ometer (ie. jerk drivers) goes way higher for the following: VW, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, any super car, truck owners, any EV driver (I like EVs, just not the drivers), any super luxury car (Rolls, Bentley, etc), Rovers (Range and Land), Wrangler owners, Renault (actually any French car owners), Fiat, and lastly NEARLY ALL MOTORCYCLE owners. All are much more inclined to drive aggressively, not let you in a lane, completely and totally douchey...
I think your article maybe a little bias due to word choice here, it sounds like the study highlights the specific model of car. The survey area seems rather small to make any conclusive arguments about a whole brand with several styles of car. HOWEVER, that area sure seems to have a lot of niche car owners. Lol. Blasted tailpipe! There are more people than we care to admit being questionable drivers in any vehicle. The more you look, the more humbling or terrifying it can be.
I've NEVER heard anyone say anything about Subaru drivers, and never noticed anything bad about them myself. I own a Jeep and can't wait to pay off so I can get a Subaru instead. There should be an article about Jeep drivers (not including myself) for being arrogant. "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand." What the fock is that? I don't understand either.
I don't know about other Subaru drivers but I am an older conservative with a liberal wife who I love. I drive fast fast. She drives slow. We don't have any stickers on our car & we don't much care what anyone thinks about it or us. We love our Outback!
As a outback and e36bmw owner.. BMW drivers remain the worst..