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4 Reasons Why Subaru Impreza is Now “Most Loved” Mid-Size Car in America

There’s 4 reasons why new Subaru Impreza wins Strategic Vision “Most Loved” Mid-Size Car in America award. They also scored the Most Loved Mass-Market Brand in America.


According to Strategic Vision, the “Most Loved” Mid-Size Car in America is the 2018 Subaru Impreza. Alexander Edwards, President of Strategic Vision gave out the awards this week and said there’s four reasons why the car wins. Impreza is a leader because of how much people love the brand, its affordability, as well as the smart design, and excellent resale value.

Edwards says, to win the “Most Loved” vehicle award, “Automakers need to know that your owners have said you are specifically the best in areas that have the most impact on advocacy, loyalty and sales in that specific vehicle segment.” We find it interesting that Strategic Vision considers Impreza a "mid-size" car when it's clearly in the compact vehicle segment, but Subaru was happy to get the award anyway.

Subaru National Manager, Product Communications Dominick Infante, excepted the award and it’s ironic that Subaru’s tag line is “Love. Its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru”, and now they get an award for Impreza being Most Loved Mid-Size vehicle in America. Infante says, “We love our owners back and we are gratified that they really do fall in love with their cars.”

imprMillennials are flocking to the new 2018 Impreza sedan and 5-Door hatch and sales are up from the previous generation model. Subaru completely redesigned the Impreza compact from the ground up last year and it’s been a huge success out of the gate. When you look at the sales numbers, (45 percent increase over the previous year) the new Subaru Impreza is up more than any volume-selling vehicle of any kind (including pickups and SUVs) in the U.S. market according to a report from Seeking Alpha.

Subaru is “Most Loved “ Brand

The award could be said about most of the cars in the Subaru lineup as the brand is known for its loyal customers who come back time after time and buy another one of their all-wheel-drive vehicles. It’s called “Subie love.” In fact, Strategic Vision recognized this and also awarded the Subaru brand as the Most Loved Mass-Market Brand in America.

It’s partly because of Subaru’s core value of building niche all-wheel-drive vehicles that sets the brand apart. They also build vehicles that rank at the top every year in safety ratings. It’s the brand’s ability to build recreation-purposed crossovers with a “go-anywhere” attitude that are fun-to-drive that is attracting active buyers who use the vehicles for daily commuting and for getting away from civilization on the weekend.

It’s not Subaru’s first Best Brand award. They also scored big in Kelly Blue Book’s 2017 Brand Image Awards. It’s the second straight year Subaru is the Best Overall Brand, and the third straight year they are the Most Trusted Brand and Best Performance Brand in America.

To come up with the winners, Strategic Vision surveyed 34,064 new vehicle buyers, who purchased October 2016 through April 2017, after their first 90 days of ownership. They use a 2017 New Vehicle Experience Study to survey owners on just how much they love their vehicle. The other awards given out by Strategic Vision include the “Most Loved” Small Car; the Mitsubishi Lancer, Most Loved Minivan; Honda Odyssey, Most Loved full-size pickup; Toyota Tundra, Most Loved Near Luxury car; BMW 3 Series, and Most Loved luxury car; Genesis G90.

The 2018 Subaru Impreza is named the “Most Loved” Mid-Size Car in America by Strategic Vision because of how much Subaru’s customers love the brand, its affordability, as well as the smart design, and excellent resale value.

Photo credit: Strategic Vision