2023 Subaru Outback features, upgrades
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2023 Subaru Outback Preview - A Refresh And New Safety Tech Is Coming

The 2023 Subaru Outback will come with a refresh, but what new upgrades will that include? Check them out here.

The big news for the 2022 Subaru Outback was an all-new Outback Wilderness off-road trim for outdoor enthusiasts. What will the 2023 Outback changes be if customers are waiting until next year to buy?

For the 2023 Subaru Outback model change, the midsize SUV is due for a refresh or “big model change” (BMC) in the fourth year of its product cycle. It’s when Subaru gives its core models a refresh with upgrades to the exterior and interior.

2023 Subaru Outback features, upgrades

Subaru typically gives its fourth-year models a new front fascia outside (headlights, bumper, hexagon grille) and unique interior upgrades with fabric changes inside and new exterior colors. The complete remodel from the ground up will come in 2024 for the Outback along with the Legacy sedan and Ascent 3-Row family hauler.

Subaru of America gets new upgrades before many other global markets, but Subaru Corporation announced the new Japan-spec Outback and received the latest safety technology.

What’s coming for U.S. 2023 Outback models?

2023 Subaru Outback features, upgrades

The 2023 Subaru Outback for Subaru of America customers should now include the next-generation Subaru EyeSight safety technology. Here is what the new 2023 Outback will come with.

U.S. Outback models will be equipped like the new Japan-spec Outback that comes equipped with the driver-assist system using stereo cameras that have a nearly doubled expanded view coverage for collision prevention.

Subaru’s new-generation EyeSight uses a new image recognition software with eleven safety functions: advanced adaptive cruise control with lane-centering function, emergency lane keep assist, speed sign recognition with intelligent speed limiter, lane departure warning with steering wheel vibration, lane departure prevention (also recognizing dividing lines such as grass and road edge) and pre-collision braking system with expanded support for collision avoidance at intersections.

The new Outback’s EyeSight also includes reverse automatic braking, rear vehicle detection, rear seat reminder, and multi-view monitors: front, rear, and side view monitor that reduces vehicle blind spots.

How safe is the new Outback with next-generation technology?

The 2022 Subaru Outback earned the highest 5 Star European NCAP safety rating with the next-generation EyeSight system. The new Outback also achieved the highest ever score in its class for child occupant protection last week.

For customers who wait for the 2023 model change, the 2023 Subaru Outback will be the safest vehicle in the midsize SUV category and a good choice for families concerned with safety.

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I’ve had a 2021 Outback Touring for 9 months. The technology is quite horrific. The driver monitoring system is way too sensitive, it’s constantly beeping at me to pay attention, even if I’m staring at the road. The lane keeping system has almost crashed me several times. If I would not have intervened it would have pulled me into a semi truck, driven me off the freeway due to missing lines, and last week tryed to pull me into a travel trailer on the freeway. The infotainment system crashes while driving, ant adjust anything until it comes back online. You cannot set features to default or to your user profile, Subaru tell you what your going to use. All in all very sloppy implantation of the technology, and in some situations more dangerous than having nothing.
You must drive like a complete jackass or you're texting and driving. I drive a 2021 outback and I absolutely love the safety features. Not once has it "pulled me into a semi" or even come close to messing up.
Actually no I don’t test while driving. I use CarPlay and voice commands. At least when CarPlay is not crashing. I took my Outback in for service, the tech said he is getting a lot of complaints, that he believes they release the software too early. I am happy you are enjoying your experience.
My wife has a 2021 Outback and it will be our last Subaru We have the computer system issues No fix in sight Can use a phone in the car. Won’t connect Can’t use media either Sam issue Starlink does not work in the car Navigation crashes constantly The crashes actually now take out the safety features cruise control drops auto braking fails eyesight goes out and who knows what else All they keep saying is next month End of the year we will be talking to a lawyer
I also have an outback and have never had any of those things happen at all. I hope you’ve taken it to be serviced!
My Outback 2022's cruise control lane centering tech is dangerous. When I try to stop the slow ping pong line to line motion by holding a slight pressure on the steering wheel to keep the car to the left, if my hand slips off the wheel, the car will move right so fast that it will cross the right line into the next lane. The lane centering will get confused at intersections and has tried to put me into the lane beside me which had a car in it beside me. Unusable dangerous.
Probably the problem with your lane centering assist is that you never took the time to read your manual. If you want the car to center left, go into settings and adjust it to the left. Maybe you bought a car too smart for you? Maybe if you took the time to read about your purchase you'd know basic functions, rather than crying on the internet.. oh wait.. the owners manual doesn't come with a headline to read for you to be an expert on right?
You seem to be an angry poster. People can have a different experience than you. Did you know there is a lawsuit against Subaru for these issues? Or are you a paid troll by Subaru?
Actually Roger I'm very happy and I to have touring outback. I know that the profile has nothing to do with the driver monitoring system. I also know I can turn off the driver monitoring system. I also know 5hat lane centering assist and lane departure can also be turned off.. But more importantly I know that you are defending your inability to understand a vehicle because clearly it is way smarter than you. The one here that comes across angry is the person interpreting others asking questions as amgry.. Maybe adhering to my advice and going to the owners manual and reading about the vehicle you operate rather than complaining about it. Basically all you have explained is how ignorant you are.. do you wish to continue doing so or would you rather ask for help to better understand your Dunning Kruger effect?
A lawsuit doesn't mean it's a legitimate claim, it just means it's going to courts. Everything you cried about in your rant is fixable with settings. I'm not sure if you are smart enough or if you're just to lazy to learn how to adjust your settings, so which is it? Are you lazy or stew-ped? You can interpret a comment as angry all you wish, the difference is that your dealer isn't going tell you that you're not smart enough for the technical aspects of your 2021 car.. maybe you should invest in a 1999 Saturn.
Perhaps your mom did not teach you manners...then again she did let you out of her basement to respond to this message which was nice of her. I suspect though after your poor manners you may not be allowed out again for a while. I have gone to the dealer and they said it is a known issue and there is supposed to be a fix. Every two weeks they say it will be another two weeks. Been saying this for 2 months now and still no fix. I have called Subaru and have a case with them.. They admit there is a major computer issue. There is NO fix...all they say is they are working on it and have been for over a year and just blame the radio manufacturer. Issue is: The computer reboots while driving almost once every hour more if you use the navigation. Other issues that may or may not exist: Phones will NOT connect. The dealer has tried and they do not work. Media players will not connect. Starlink randomly works. Some of the computer crashes will take out all the sensors in the car and the dashboard will light up with errors. So my point regarding a lawsuit is...a company sold me a product that was clearly defective and they knew it was but did not tell me or anyone else so that they could sell it. That is most definitely legal issue. We have already been to the dealer twice and called many times more...we have to report is 4 times for the Lemon Law to kick in in my state and give them some unwritten amount of time. Giving a company nearly a year to fix something major like this is a LOT of time and rediculous.
I also had a comstant reboot issue. Wasndixed when Subaru updated. the head software. That update also received a soft buttton to disable auto-start. Both were nice updates. Love my Outback!
Lane centering readsthe lanes or the car in front of you and follows that. Did you know that what you're complaining about is explained by Subaru? If you bothered to actually speak with your salesman they'd tell you this. Let me guess you didn't bother going back to take the hour long class to explain this did you? You must be a boomer who knows everything?
I agree with your comment. I have almost the same experience with my 2022 outback. The driver monitoring system often beeps even when I am focused on the road, especially when there is a sun glare in my face or when my neck is tilted sideways momentarily. I don't use the lane keeping system ( keep the button off on the steering wheel) because I am afraid I would lose control of my vehicle. Subaru needs to improve the morning system. In one occasion, when I was pulling out of an under ground garage, another car was pulling out in front of me. My outback automatically applied the break, shut down the engine and stopped the car halfway out in the middle of the garage doorway. It took me 10 to 15 seconds to realize what happened and restart the engine and get out of the door way before the door may come down. Other than that, I love my outback. Very comfortable seats and fun to drive.
This guy is lying and if He is not lying he is probably fiddling around with stuff while he's driving and doesn't know what he's doing. I own a Subaru outback and know many others who also own them. We have spent time talking about our vehicles and no one has mentioned one single problem with their Subaru outback. This guy is stupid!
Dude give it a rest. There is something wrong with you. Cars have problems, all cars. To say that any car is perfect is ridiculous. I don’t know your deal but you’re either paid by Subaru or you have an immaturity issue.
Cars are fine it's the boomers driving them that are the problem.. Everything you've cried about is in your owners manual. Have you even spent the time to read? Oh wait.. boomers are the can't do anything for themselves generation and expect everyone else to do it for them..
Dude lighten up on us Boomers. I read all my manuals and do my homework especially on tech heavy products. Take a breath
Why not radar based so that it can do all weather and night.?
Seriously? Rear seat reminder? We don't need that. Steering wheel vibration? Don't need that either. Two more fancy things to break.
Unfortunately I have had the same experience as Roger and some of the others. Yes I did read all the manuals and did the one hour class and did all the adjustments and preferences to my driving style. The driver monitoring and recognition system is unreliable. Often times doesn’t recognize me, no I wasn’t masked up. Lane centering is “trying to stay in the lane “ system. I have had my entire computer screen go black while I am driving,then re-boots. I did take it into the service department but of course in the day they kept it they could not reproduce the problem. However the last time it happened, while driving, I grabbed my iPhone and videoed the blank screen until it rebooted. I haven’t returned to the service department yet but will. I am not willing to say Subaru is garbage, but do believe MY computer system and electronics are defective. Before anyone says just turn off all the features I would say ‘then why buy a Subaru’?
I have a 2015 Outback and saving up for a 2023 Outback Wilderness. Reading what everyone is saying i may have to get something else. I love love love my Outback and i am a boomer so guess this will not be my next purchase. You all burst my bubble!!!!
Joann, if you dont mind not using your phone while driving, the wilderness will still be as drivable as your 2015.