2022 Subaru Forester features and upgrades
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2022 Subaru Forester Update - 5 New Details Revealed Before The U.S. Debut

Subaru of America’s top-selling Forester SUV is enhanced with a makeover for the 2022 model year. Here are new details before the U.S. reveal.

The 2022 Subaru Forester has not been announced by Subaru of America yet, but new details surface from reports in Australia. We expect an announcement in August for the U.S. specifications. Before the reveal, we know the 2022 Forester gets a freshened front with revised headlights, fog lights, front bumper, and grille treatment.

Improved safety technology

There will be improved safety technology with added next-generation EyeSight driver assist technology, including a new lane-centering function, lane departure prevention, and autonomous emergency steering.

2022 Subaru Forester features and upgrades

A retuned suspension

The 2022 Forester will also come with enhanced suspension and off-road technology. The compact SUV will feature retuned front springs and dampers for improved ride comfort, steering responsiveness, and handling. Subaru says the new aluminum engine mount bracket will reduce vibrations and noise inside the cabin.

Improved off-road capability

The Forester’s all-wheel-drive system gets improvements with enhanced X-Mode with the ability to automatically re-engage once the SUV speed drops to 22 mph or less, and a revised Hill Descent Control improves vehicle control speed.

2022 Subaru Forester features and upgrades

New hand gesture control feature

The Forester’s Driver Monitoring System adds a new gesture-controlled temperature adjustment for the air-conditioning, a new feature for Subaru that enables drivers to adjust the temperature with a simple hand gesture.

New colors and upgrades inside and outside

2022 Subaru Forester features and upgrades

Forester gets an updated instrument panel design inside, and Sport trims now have a circular fog light design featuring 6 LED lights and a revised rear bumper lower cladding. New colors are Autumn Green, Brilliant Bronze, and Cascade Green, which are available on all trims other than Forester Sport.

The 2022 Subaru Forester gets a makeover with new safety, suspension, off-road capability, hand gesture control, an upgraded instrument panel, new colors, and Sport trim upgrades. The U.S. specifications will be announced soon, likely in August. Stay tuned.

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Previous reports stated the 2022 Forester would have Edge X eyesight is that still on this model ?
Trying to adjust temperature with “a simple hand gesture” sounds complicated. Doesn’t law require both hands on steering wheel? Voice recognition has greatly improved in phones, home speakers etc, and cars. Hey Subaru, decrease temperature 3 degrees. Confirm. Can fan speed be adjusted by another hand gesture? Again, Hey Subaru raise fan speed three settings.
Haven't hands always been used to adjust temperatures, fans? People never remove a hand from the wheel? Lol since when?
The safe way was at a stop. But often a quick knob turn while moving changed radio or climate controls. Then many controls were buried in touch screen menus. Why go back to hands when we have sophisticated voice already there?
Ah...yes, stuff being buried in menus is definitely annoying and a step backwards. I've preferred cars that have kept simple, dedicated knobs for fan etc..
The voice adjustment is already a thing. You can set fan speed 1-7 and temp from 60-90 by voice on the current forester
I downloaded 2021 Forester Touring manual but only found: Fan speed control Select the preferred fan speed by turning the fan speed control dial. No mention of voice anywhere in Climate Control section. Is voice undocumented?
I’ve honestly never gone thru the manual but I can tell you it works, just press the voice button and say 'set temperature to __ degrees or set fan fan speed to __
When is the new 2022 get to the dealers to buy forester
When will 2022 forester sport be at dealerships and what colors will be available in 2022 forester sport
But will it get a turbo? I have a 2018 - the last year of a Forester turbo.
Will it get a turbo?
Just got pay-off of totalled car, wondering if waiting b4 new '22 release is worth it...
Just got pay-off of totalled car, wondering if waiting b4 new '22 release is worth it...
lol, honestly good luck finding a new forester, you might be waiting just to get a 2021, and we are still at least 3 months away from 2022s
We are waiting for the 2022 Forester to come out. It's a sellers market right now. Will buy next year.
Has the auto stop/start been improved or at least more easily defeated?
I mean, it’s got a button to shut it off after you start the car, they’ve had that since 2019 though, it’s not advertised but the auto stop start is smoother on the 2022 outbacks compared to before, not sure if that’s just me getting used to it or if they have actually made some change to it.
Would be a pain in the button to have to push it every time I get in and start the damned car. I am looking at an '18 base model (no frills), 30K miles for $27,000. Last year for no start/stop feature. Car sold for less when new, bu this is definitely the wrong time to be buying a car, period. Comments appreciated.
That sounds like kind of a ripoff, even with the current market, I have a 2017 limited model loaded with 40k miles for less than that on my lot.