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2016-2017 Subaru Outback and Legacy Recalled for Steering Loss

Subaru is recalling 2016-2017 Outback and Legacy models. What’s the issue?

The NHTSA reports that Subaru of America is recalling 2016-2017 Subaru Outback wagon and Legacy sedan models due to a steering loss issue. Both vehicles were manufactured at the Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana between February 29, 2016, to May 6, 2016. The potential issue could be dangerous to the driver and passengers.

What’s the issue?

The National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) says the Outback and Legacy steering columns may have been improperly machined. When the steering wheel is turned, there may be a loss of complete steering in both direction of the wheels in the affected vehicles. The loss of steering ability would increase the risk of a crash.

What’s the remedy?

Subaru will notify owners of the recall and asked to bring the car into a local Subaru dealer. Dealers will inspect the lot number on the steering column, to determine if its one of the improperly machined units. If it is, Subaru will replace the steering column, as necessary, free of charge.

What should owners do?

The recall begins today, May 13, 2016. Owners may contact Subaru customer service at 1-800-782-2783 or by visiting http://www.wtd65.service-campaign.com. Subaru's number for this recall is WTD-65. It’s important to note: Owners are being advised not to drive their 2016-2017 Subaru Outback and Legacy models until their vehicles have been inspected.

Source: NHTSA

Image Source: Subaru

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I'm involved and my 2016 Outback sits at the dealer. Any word on when parts are available and how long the repair takes when it starts. A cheap rental call is not a new Subaru.
I'm in exactly the same boat. My car still had the paper plates and now I'm without it for who knows how long....
It will not be for a long period of time. Of the vehicles affected, less than half were actually in customer's hands. Most of these vehicles were in transit or sitting at a dealer. Subaru is looking to handle all customer vehicles promptly. I work at the plant in Lafayette; they cut our daily over time to make room for the additional parts needed to fix affected vehicles.
I was impressed by the speed at which Subaru proceeded with the recall. Reassuring to know that there was no stalling, just a willingness to address the problem - further confirmed by the company's apparent willingness to divert parts from the production line to dealerships for repairs. Sorry to hear that line workers may lose overtime, however in the long run it will hopefully ensure customer loyalty, even greater reputation, and ultimately more demand for product from a company that puts safety before profit.
Why would they cut your overtime? Wouldn't there be more overtime to produce the required parts!
What I took from that comment was the part needed will not be going into new vehicles but sent out of the factory to the recalled vehicles. I'm hoping for the best.
That's not how it works. The defect is NOT our own. The vendor that assembles the steering column did a bad batch that did not meet Subaru's specification. Our curtailed production is so that the vendor can catch up on assembling proper columns and still give us parts for production. The vendor can't keep up with both.
Any time frame on when replacement parts will be shipped to dealers so our vehicles can be repaired & back on the road?
Kudos to Subaru for their quick recall action. They have taken immediate care of their customers. If only Chrysler had done the same with ignition switches and airbags. Never another Chrysler, DEFINITELY more Subarus in my future.
I am a 2016 Legacy owner. Took delivery 2 weeks ago. I called at 8 AM Monday 5-16 based on email they sent me, and they had it towed from my work (45 miles to my dealer) by 11 AM, and into a rental by 1 PM. Dealer expects delivery of new columns on Friday 5-20. My steering column lot number was one of the bad ones. So while inconvenient, I agree that SOA took all the lessons from the last 5 years into account about what to do or not do for a safety issue. Perhaps some better processes at both the supplier side, and at Receiving CMM inspection when testing random samples at SIA, could have caught it even sooner. I miss my Eyesight system (adaptive cruise in traffic is fantastic) and smooth transmission after just 1 day so far in my 2015 Chrysler 200 rental. My 2nd Subaru, and won't be my last. Great response and customer service Subaru!
I agree 100% with you. Had the same rental vehicle and said the exact same things.
my repair was done May 16 - new column assembly installed
Mine done May 17th Subaru Superstore in Chandler, AZ is the best!
Getting on list for info on recall
Good job Subaru. New Outback dropped off last Friday and fixed by Monday noon. Under the unfortunate circumstances it could not have gone better. Other companies should take note.
I do not agree that this recall is being handled well by Subaru. It's all very well to pull everyone's new vehicles off the road, but the real work is getting them back on. My dealer simply shrugs and says not their worry; Subaru mothership has no response to repeated inquiries for basic information. Communication is critical to maintain the validity of their brand. I have owned four Subarus over the last 30 years, but, if I ever get it back, the 2016 Outback will be my last. The flaws of being a mute, conservative company in this day and age of information fluidity are going to bite them. Keep cranking out those steering columns, Indiana, and send a few to Maine!
I have just been told that I will be without my Subaru for 3-4 weeks because they are backlogged. Unbelievable! I have driven it one month and it is my first Subaru and my last. A recall is one thing. Taking a month to fix is another. Such a dangerous defect possibility is not what I had heard about Subarus. Never again.
Just wanted to toss in that I was pleased at first that they acted quickly, but now my car has been in the dealers possession longer than mine, xm, starlink, insurance and car payments keep ticking away, but the dealer just keeps saying "end of the week", we're starting on week 3 at this point, with just a shrug from the dealer.
First time owning a Subaru. Just had Outback towed to dealership and then told 2-3 week minimum until parts are received. As previously stated, car payments, Starlink, etc. still continue while we wait. I will definitely have to rethink owning a Subaru and the indifference of the dealership with customer satisfaction AFTER the purchase is complete.
I actually was involved in a fender-bender driving our brand new 2016 Outback with only few miles on it on May 18! It is still being repaired....
8000 miles on my Subaru outback 2016 Since the begingi it is a test. My car runs like an old Jalopy. In the cold I cannot get it to run faster than 40 mph until the car has 8-9 miles under is belt. i plod along leading a line of cars up moderate hills. I pull over and let the line go past. The speed limit here is 35 so it's not that big a problem. Then I drive highways for 35 miles and then the steering goes wonky. I must say that my steering ability has improved dramatically. My purchasing dealer told me that there was nothing wrong. it's up to spec. Should I reward them with registering them as my primary dealer?
my suburbu outback is rented from dollar car rental. why has this steering column recall problem not been addressed by this national rental chain. the salesperson dismissed my complaint says it is because of the lane warning function in system should be turned off. he has no idea of the recall.