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2014 Mercedes S-Class: More features with a lower price

Mercedes-Benz has announced pricing on the new 2014 S-Class luxury saloon and prices reflect a price/value improvement of 2.8 percent vs. the outgoing model.


How many automakers could pull this off? The all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class gets more horsepower, and new high-tech luxury features yet gets a drop in price over the outgoing model. Only Mercedes-Benz could put this kind of luxury in the new 2014 S-Class with new high-tech features and still lower the price.

The 2014 S-Class base price starts at $92,900, which represents a 2.8% price/value improvement over the outgoing 2013 model. Some of the new standard equipment includes 20 more hp, rearview camera, Panorama Sunroof, All-LED lighting, Keyless Start, and MAGIC VISION CONTROL. Mercedes has made a compelling argument that this luxury saloon “sets new standards” and is best luxury car in the world. It has competitive pricing, luxury, technology, and the overall content is compelling.

What could be better than a luxury sedan with high-performance? How about the 577 horsepower S63 AMG 4MATIC. It will be priced at $139,500 with a 4.5% price/value improvement over the outgoing 2013 version. Pricing on the new Mercedes-AMG model now includes standard 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

The outgoing S63 rear-wheel drive 2013 model was priced at $140,000 without all-wheel drive and had 536 hp as standard (563 hp with the optional performance package). That’s a major bump in hp and it now has standard 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

Two new world’s first luxury features will be available on the new 2014 S-Class setting it apart farther. The luxury sedan features the world’s first “active perfuming system.” It’s AIR-BALANCE system perfumes the interior cabin with any scent of the driver's choosing. Mercedes-Benz has raised seating and climatic comfort in the S-Class to a whole new level. The driver and passengers can take time out to relax in the vehicle's ENERGIZING hot stone massaging seats that allow the occupants to feel the epitome of comfort.

Mercedes is just getting started this fall with more powertrain and body style variants of the new 2014 S-Class coming. The fall lineup includes 2014 S550 priced at $92,900 with a October 2013 launch. 2014 S550 4MATIC: $95,900, November 2013 launch and 2014 S63 AMG 4MATIC: $139,500 with a November 2013 launch.