Ant replaces Edd on WHeeler Dealers - We say thumbs up.
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Wheeler Dealers Without Edd China - We Vote Thumbs Up

We've watched the first three episodes of Wheeler Dealers without our beloved Edd China, and discovered we still love the show.

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If you are like us, you are a long-time fan of Wheeler Dealers, now shown on Velocity. When Edd China departed last year (pushed out was the general feeling), we were angry, and vowed never to watch again! But then we did watch. And we liked it.

Edd was a huge part of Wheeler Dealers, and certainly as much a part of the show as Mike Brewer. Edd brought all the technical knowledge of a career's worth of hard-earned tricks and tips to the audience in a way that made even the most impossible jobs seem approachable, and in some cases, downright easy.

We really didn't want to like this new guy, Ant Anstead. He had been in the running for a gig on Top Gear, a show that could not be more different from Wheeler Dealers, and that made us like him less. However, now that we have watched a few episodes, Ant is a pretty likable guy. It hasn't hurt that the first few cars were interesting. The second-generation Supra and the Ford Escort RS in particular.

The show has evolved quite a bit. There is less wrenching and more of mike searching, the hosts hugging each other and other people, less long sleeve shirts and more army cargo pants. Heck, the show now even accounts for labor time when it does its profit and loss accounting we all wait for in the last five minutes.

On a Wednesday night, when there are no sports on TV, and that remote is sitting there, we find ourselves pretty well entertained by Ant and Mike. What say you?

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Edd was the reason to watch this show. Shame on the production company to want to dumb it down and show less technical stuff. I will NEVER watch this parody.
I must disagree with the reviewer. I didn't realize how much of the show was Edd China and their European location. Moving to the US, the lousy choice of vehicles, and finally Ant (I really don't like him; he's too put-on and fake), has caused me to stop watching the show. I would be surprised if many other viewers who liked the show then still like it now. The cost savings Velocity has impressed on Wheeler Dealers will, I think, doom the show.