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Vote for your favorite Mustang

Ford and SEMA have teamed up to sponsor a contest highlighting three of today's hottest Ford Mustang designs. Choose your favorite here.


Everyone who loves the Ford Mustang has a favorite. Some like the cool and subtle styling of the 2012 Boss 302. Others like to let their freak flag fly and prefer the Shelby Super Snake. Some are all business and think of the Roush mustangs of years past. There are even those modenistas who think back to the four cylinder turbo SVTs and wish that had been the path the Mustang took. Those are all great cars, but it is time to look forward. SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is an organization that brings together and promotes specialty automotive manufacturing. There is an annual show that the SEMA folks love to emphasize is NOT open to the general public. That makes the folks who attend feel very special. In order to showcase some of the fantastic aftermarket and add-on bits that can dress up the Mustang, Ford is currently sponsoring a contest.

Women Mustang Designers
Three women designers are creating design concept cars. The cars themselves are also being built by women volunteers (Are you starting to see a theme here?) The idea behind the project is to highlight that there are already women in key positions at Ford and in the automotive world and promote more involvement by the fairer gender in all things auto. Bryan Harrison, the senior manager of councils for SEMA and project manager on the build says in a press statement “Women play a significant role when it comes to customizing a vehicle. From purchasing the vehicle and determining what modifications to make, to executing the actual modifications and driving the customized vehicle, women are key players in the entire process. The SEMA Mustang Build demonstrates just how integral women are to customizing today’s cars and trucks.”

There are three concepts to choose from;
1) Designed by Ford Motor Company designer, and SEMA Business Women’s Network (SBN) member Jennifer Seely, the High Gear entry fusion luxury and power. Design themes include high fashion and jewelry. The look is reminiscent of some of the classier 1980s style trends.
2) The second vehicle is also designed by Ms. Seely and is called Chromatic. This design combines street art (graffiti) and pop culture to overlay bold neon colors on top of an anthracite body. The result is a car that pops color.
3) Fast Metal is designed by SBN member Theresa Contreras of L&G Enterprises. Fast Metal highlights raw speed and power and gives the concept a racy, but mature look.

The public is invited to vote and all participants have the chance to win prizes. At the end of the contest the three cars will be auctioned off on-line and the proceeds will go to the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. To cast your vote click here.

The SEMA show is held in November, but voting is only through June 3rd, so cast your vote today.


AutoLove (not verified)    May 31, 2012 - 11:10PM

I went to see the voting results, but results are not revealed. Which Ford Mustang design will win this do you think? Do you think Mustang Chromatic Concept will be the winner? 3 more days to go before the voting ends.