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Volkswagen introduces sporty R Line trim on 2014 Tiguan and Touareg

VW moves its 2014 Tiguan and Touareg crossovers a little closer to the Golf GTI and Audi Q5 with dandy R-Line sport-trim packages customers will love.


Volkswagen recognizes that the engines in its 2014 Tiguan compact sport utility vehicle and its 2014 Touareg mid-sized sport utility vehicle are more than adequate for sporty driving. However, the chassis, suspensions, and tires are tuned more for overall driving pleasure and comfort, rather than sporty, curve hugging back-roads blasts. Drivers looking for that type of Audi-esqe driving dynamics package can select the R-Line package on their Volkswagen CUV or SUV.

2014 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line
The 2014 VW Tiguan Cute-ute is in many ways a VW golf with a slightly higher suspension and slightly higher roof line. The Golf platform lends itself quite nicely to a sport-compact setup and the VM Golf GTI is legend among enthusiasts. The Tiguan R-Line will come equipped with the same engine and dual clutch automatic transmission found in the GTI. This 2.0 turbocharged, intercooled, and direct injected gasoline engine is really the best VW engine in production for all but the largest of the family. Although the engine has only 200 horsepower, the VW tuners have created a combination of torque and gearing that launches the Tiguan well, and sustains a good sprint. The transmission does not lose power on upshifts and is a great partner when the driver chooses manual shifting mode.

Now that drivetrain can be complimented with sportier underpinnings in the 2014 Tiguan R-Line whether the one the driver chooses is front or all-wheel drive. The R-Line adds exclusive 19” “Mallory” alloy wheels with lower profile rubber. The suspension is also re-tuned to provide a sportier (firmer) ride. Body cladding and fender skirts are also added to provide that lowered, widened look. Inside the interior trim is metalized and the wheel is now has a flat bottom and paddle shifters. Other minor trim additions include “R-Line” scuff plates and a blacked-out headliner. Volkswagen shouldhave rebadged this car the “New England GTI.” With is AWD set-up and slightly higher platform this is a 4-season sports car.

In addition to the R-Line treatments, these the Tiguan can now also come with Volkswagen’s Fender Premium Audio set-up complete with 0.4 kilowatt amplifier, “soopa-bass” subwoofer and a ten speaker arrangement.

2014 Touareg R-Line
The 2014 Touareg R-Line can come with either the VR6 gasoline engine, or the much loved TDI diesel engine. It should be noted that the Audi SQ5 with the diesel can achieve a 5 second flat 0-60 mph sprint. In the Touareg, this engine will more than suffice for sporty aspirations. The R-Line treatment in the Touareg includes up-sized 20” wheels, body side skirts and fender flares and some interior trim changes. The exhaust outlets become oval, rather than round. Everyone knows oval is faster than round!

These two new R-Line trims set the VW Tiguan and Touareg apart as more sporty versions of already very capable crossovers.