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Video: 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro vs. Chevy Colorado ZR2 Off-Road

Despite Chevy's "Segment of One" marketing, there is a long-standing champ in off-road pickups from Toyota. compares the 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro to the Chevy Colorado ZR2 2.8 Duramax to determine, "Which is better off-road and which brings a bigger smile to one's face." Who will win in this matchup of $44K to $47K midsize off-road pickups?

Tale of the Tape

The Tacoma wins the tale of the tape. More horsepower. More ground clearance. Steeper approach angle. Better overall capacities. The Tacoma also has more towing capacity according to the publication.

Off-Road Handling of Tacoma and Colorado

The reviewers found the Tacoma drove "smaller." That is always a compliment when it comes to handling feel. also says the Tacoma has more direct steering. However, the Colorado feels more comfortable and composed. The reviewer also noted that when crawling, he prefers two locking diffs over crawl control. The Colorado's tires were also better in mud. Advantage Colorado.

Interior Appointments

The Tacoma was marked down for not being "special" inside. Like almost every publication, this one included, the Tacoma's low seat was found to be uncomfortable by the reviewer. One odd way the reviewers marked down the Tacoma vs. the Colorado ZR2 in this "Off-road" comparison was rear legroom. Funny, that is not usually something we focus on in an off-road matchup, and the reviewer didn't have any passengers, but hey, it is a fair criticism.

Infotainment of Toyota Tacoma vs Chevy Colorado ZR2

One might think this has little to do with off-roading, but both trucks offer dedicated off-road screens. The Chevy has more, and better, info and a better display.

Engine and Conclusion
Did you think we would spoil the whole video for you? Nah. Watch to see what the testers found out about both trucks engines and which they preferred overall.