What accessory or upgrade do Fiat 124 Spider owners desire most?
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The Upgrades Fiat 124 Spider Owners Desire Most

We polled the Fiat 124 Spider Fan Club members and this is what they told us they wanted most to upgrade their cars.

The all-new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider now has a pretty strong fan club following on Facebook. We asked the group what accessory or upgrade they would do if they were given $1,000 to spend. Here's what they said.

Rear Rack
Roadsters have a long tradition of adding a rear cargo rack. These are helpful on longer road trips and they have a cool nostalgic look. Member M.C.V. has his rack on order in Italy and the dealer says that no holes through the rear trunk lid are required.

Members H.B. and A.V.M. want an exhaust system. Not quite as loud as the Abarth, but with more character than the base trims. Anyone who owned an early NC generation Miata knows how much sweeter the car sounded in the later years of that model. Exhaust upgrades are always popular on performance cars. More than one member does want to go loud.

Cup Holders and Interior Accessories
Many Fiat 124 owners want to add the accessory cupholders and some have added a thin storage portfolio that slides in between the driver's seat and the center console.

Other Ideas
Rims, a bigger turbo, engine parts, brakes, and a clear bra to protect against stone chips all made the list.

Take The Money And Run!
Take the money and run was a popular answer. Maybe not so surprisingly, many of the members said they'd take the money and buy gas and food on a long road trip. Bobbie Sue didn't weigh in, but we are sure that would've been her answer.

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Id settle for a Naturally aspirated engine. Make a crazy model with a pentastar please.
A new Fiat Spider Lusso owner, and very pleased. Is upgrading performance with the additional of Abarth parts possible, and if so, is the upgrade worth the cost?