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Toyota Tacoma owners' next generation wish list easy to meet

The Toyota Tacoma already has a lot going for it. Providing the many small things owners want may be what keeps the truck on top.


Will Toyota be able to meet customer expectations for the upcoming new 2015 and next generation Tacoma? It should. Toyota has built a lot of good will among Tacoma owners and enthusiasts. The Tacoma is an excellent representation of the main Toyota qualities of reliability, durability, and value. We reached out to owners and future owners of Tacomas to find out what they want in the next Tacoma they buy and the things they asked for are not hard to Toyota to deliver.

The 2011-2014 Tacoma is already the vehicle with the highest resale value in the US market according to the national Automobile Dealers Association. With an amazing 80.7% value retention rating after 3 years of ownership, the value part of equation is clearly not a problem for Toyota. Only its own sibling vehicles like 4Runner (79.8%) and the Tundra (71.6%) are even close to the Tacoma. Consider for instance that the Nissan Leaf rates just 38.2%. Toyota is also almost always at the top of every quality survey.

However, these Toyota and Tacoma traits are now taken for granted to some extent. With the new Chevy Colorado coming to give buyers a new and very attractive alternative to the Tacoma, what is it that Toyota needs to do? Our previous stories in this series have looked in detail at the engine changes and other structural changes that Toyota is very likely to make. We were surprised by the long list of things that Tacoma owners want on their next truck that went beyond the big things.

A locking tailgate was an interesting feature that one owner on wants on his next truck. That seems reasonable. Auto up and down windows on all the windows is another fan’s request. What does that feature only come on cars like Lexus? How much more could it possible cost to add that same auto up/down switch on all the windows that open? And how about the rear glass? Might a power operated rear glass window appear on the top trim levels of the next Tacoma? These are not innovations, just things that owners of Tundras and other trucks have seen and would like to see in the Tacoma.

Might the Tacoma start to add some features that are part of packages to the standard truck? Keyless entry, Homelink (built-in garage door opener), and a sun visor with a little mirror on BOTH sides sure would be a welcome touch. Last, how about putting two of the best cup-holders made in America inside every Tacoma?

As part of my research for this series I reached out to 3 industry experts and trolled the forums for information by asking questions of the people that know Tacoma better than I do. If you have more to add please see the comments section below.


ChainBlue (not verified)    May 25, 2014 - 11:31PM

It needs to be smaller (a true compact again) get better fuel economy and have a diesel option like everywhere else in the world but the US has as an option.

Peter (not verified)    July 31, 2014 - 7:49AM

I feel like like the two areas for the Tacoma to improve on are:


2) Fuel Efficiency

That is all.

Ramon (not verified)    December 13, 2014 - 5:49PM

It needs to have a diesel engine with a manual 6 speed trans and still be 4x4, more durable interior materials for people like me that use this "truck" (I call mine a camry with a bed) for work and to haul dirtbikes/jetskis around. Floor mats that actually work to keep the carpet clean would be nice as well.

I'm just dreaming here, but can you get rid of all those damn nanny controls