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Why the Toyota Prius Tops This List of Fastest-Selling Used Cars

Autotrader says that the Prius is the fastest-selling used vehicle in the U.K.

The best-selling green car in history, the Toyota Prius hybrid, has also garnered some other very interesting car sales titles. Its most recent achievement is that the Toyota Prius is the fastest-selling used car in the U.K. according to WardsAuto and AutoTrader.

Prius Very Popular For Ride Sharing and City Cabbing
The reason that the Prius is so popular as a used car is that it is one of the top models used for ride sharing, known as City Cabbing in the U.K. The 2014 and 2012 models are the two most popular used years.

Prius Top Selling In California - Means Lots of Used Prius Cars
In past years the Toyota Prius was not just the top-selling green car, it has also been the top-selling car overall in certain markets. For example, in 2012 and 2013 the Toyota Prius was the top-selling nameplate overall in California. The Prius has also been the top-selling car in Japan overall and its sibling, the Aqua (sold here as the Prius c) was number 2.

Prius Prime Top Selling EV
Most recently, it is the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that is selling well in the U.S. market. Here, the Prius Prime outsold every other model with a plug including nearly outselling the entire output of Tesla in April.