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Toyota Leads With Most American Patents - Guess Which Automaker Is Not On the List

In 2016, the automaker with the most American Patents was Toyota.

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For the third consecutive year, Toyota has been granted the most American patents among all automakers. This according to the Intellectual Property Owners Association's (IPO) newest annual report, titled, "Top 300 Organizations Granted U.S. Patents in 2016.”

Toyota is also the only Automaker in the top 20 companies which recorded patents in the past year. Among Toyota's fellow top-20 companies are IBM at number one and Samsung at number two. Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Apple are also peers of Toyota's on the top 20 list.Toyota's 1,540 patents just edged out Ford, who came in at number 21 with 1,530. Hyundai was 37th on the list with 1,032. Honda was 45rth with 870. Nissan was number 115 with a total of 317 patents. Some notable non-automotive entities with respectable patent counts are MIT with 278 and Stanford University with 244.

Looking closely at the list it becomes clear that the largest patent creator in America is actually Samsung. The company's groups are broken out and easily outpace any other company consortium.

The list is provided by link below in order of total patents and then also by alphabetical listing. See if you can find Tesla Inc. or Tesla Motors on the list anyplace.

See the full list at this link.

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