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Thinking Outside the Box - Can You Top This Mazda Miata Owner's Cargo Storage Trailer Rig?

Torque News spotted this clever Mazda Miata owner on his way to do some kayaking. Have you ever seen a better Miata storage solution?

The old expression goes, "The answer is always Mazda Miata." But what about when the question is "How do I tow my kayak to the shore?" Yes, the answer is "Miata," as our image clearly shows.

We spotted this clever Mazda Miata owner on his way to the shore to put in his kayak. As you can see from the image we took, the Miata is an ND generation and an RF trim. The retractable hardtop version is one of our favorites of all the Miatas. Heck, we are part of a media group that gave the Miata RF a winter vehicle award.

The towing rig this owner had included not just room for two kayaks, but also a large cargo box. You can see it in black if you look closely. The owner was traveling at about the speed limit in morning rush-hour traffic headed outbound from the Boston area. We wish we could have gotten more information on the setup from the owner, but our paths diverged.

Mazda Miata Spare Tire Solution

This is not the first time a Torque News associate has spotted a unique Mazda Miata storage solution on this stretch of road. Our Mazda CX-5 expert, Hande Tuncer, also an EmaxHealth medical writer, took the above image of an NC Miata owner's unique solution to the spare tire dilemma all Mazda Miata and Fiat 124 Spider owners are faced with.

ND Miata trunk

With just 4.59 cubic feet of cargo space (not counting the secret storage area behind the passenger's seat), the Mazda Miata is a tough vehicle in which to go on vacation. Packing creatively is the key to success. Or thinking outside the box as the saying goes.

If you are the owner of either of these Miatas we have featured we'd love to hear from you. Use the Contact Us at the bottom of our landing page to reach out.

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Ken Rosenstein (not verified)    October 23, 2018 - 1:28PM

Hi John,
I was heading south from Newton to my launch site in Hingham Harbour. Feel free to reach out if you would like more information.