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Tesla Weekly News With Alex - Speeding While On Autopilot?

The week's tesla news with expert and owner Alex Guberman covers some interesting topics this week.

This week, Alex Guberman, three-time Tesla owner, founder of the facebook Tesla Model S owners Club, and overall Tesla expert, brings us some interesting topic updates.

The first, and most interesting topic, is that Tesla Motors has again programmed its Autopilot system to be able to break the speed limit. Tesla has been wavering on this. Initially, the system would allow drivers to set the system to drive at illegal speeds, then Tesla had misgivings and was preparing to restrict the Autopilot to the speed limit or very close to in some circumstances. The news this week is that owners will again be able to set the system at higher than the set speed limit. Why does it matter? One reason is that the NTSB determined in a preliminary investigation of a driver death that the Autopilot was set approximately 9 MPH above the speed limit at the time the accident occurred. Tesla Motors and other automakers will be struggling with the ethics, legality, and liability issues surrounding systems that can violate traffic laws in the coming years.

A study into a 31 car pileup in Germany involving a Tesla driver's death (not the same one as mentioned above) has found that the Autopilot system was not active at the time of the massive crash.

Tesla's Model S 100D now has quite a range and Tesla stock owners have another good week. Alex explains more in the video.