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Tesla News Includes Model X Safety, Tesla's "Biggest Screw Up", Superchargers and Solar

This week's new on Tesla includes updates on the Supercharger network's power supply, an Autopilot update, and Model X safety.

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The news from Alex Guberman, three-time Model S owner and publisher of All Things Tesla on Youtube, covers many subjects. Our first topic is the safety of theTesla Model S by NHTSA. Like the Model S before it, the Model X has earned top scores by the U.S government safety agency. As Alex points out, the low center of gravity helps the Model X in rollover evaluations. Alex also points out that the NHTS evaluation is not as rigorous, nor is it as respected, as the IIHS testing. The Model S has not yet earned top ratings on the IIHS test. A re-test has been completed and the results are expected by July 1.

Alex next overviews a topic he calls "Tesla's biggest screw-up." That would be Autopilot. As Alex explains the Autopilot 1 and Autopilot 2 systems were designed by different entities. He is pleased to report that the new update resolves most of the issues Autopilot 2 had.

Tesla's Supercharger network is also in the news this week. The topic this time is related to the power sources of the Superchargers that Tesla uses. As Alex explains, not all the power Tesla uses is clean and green. Watch the video for Alex explanation of why "dirty energy" is the source sometimes used.

Alex concludes the news this week with an update on Tesla's presence in India.

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