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Tesla Model Y Sold Out Until After Holidays In Northeast

If you live in the Northeast of the United States there are no new Model Y vehicles available from inventory until 2022.

If you reside in the Northeast and envisioned wrapping up a Tesla Model Y for your special someone for the holidays you still l can. Just not this holiday season. Perhaps in 2022 or beyond. That is because, according to Tesla, there isn’t a single unsold new Model Y crossover in stock in the entire Northeast of the U.S.

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Torque News communicated with Tesla recently to find out if any Model 3 cars were available for immediate delivery and discovered that there were two available. Not two trims, there were two cars for a cluster of states with an economy as large as all but three other global regions. Both had an asking price from Tesla of over $70K.

Assuming that the limits on Tesla inventory may be limited to just its “lowest cost model,” Torque news this week expanded our query to include the popular Model Y crossover. Unlike the Model 3, the Model Y has many direct competitors. Models like the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Volkswagen ID.4, and Toyota RAV4 Prime. Models that owners and enthusiasts of Tesla vehicles cross-shop and often purchase. We wondered if the competition might have made the Model Y inventory a bit more robust. It hasn't.

Those shopping for the base trim Model Y Long Range have a wait of approximately seven months according to the Tesla website today. That is for the Model Y that starts at just under $60K. The more expensive trim, the Model Y Performance, starting at about $65K with no added options is more readily available. It has a possible delivery of January 2022.

Tesla was widely praised by its fans earlier this year for having negotiated the chip and battery component shortage in a manner that was better than its peers. While that is subjective to some degree, Tesla's sales are without a doubt now limited only by its production of Model Y cars the company opts to build and deliver to the company’s home market.

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Those who have their hearts set on a Model Y may wish to act fast to place an order. Tesla has been rapidly increasing prices for its models with two price increases in just the past few months. With a looming corporate welfare bill about to become law, the consumer demand for Tesla models is likely to only increase. So if you want a Tesla for the holidays in 2022, the time to act is now.

Historical image of Tesla cars in stock for immediate delivery by the author.

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