Porsche to replace engines in 911 GT3
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Porsche to replace engines in 911 GT3 due to fire and defect

Porsche will replace all of the engines in all of its top street/racing 911 model, the GT3. The engines have a catastrophic defect that can cause the engine to be blown and catch fire.

Porsche will replace all of the engines in its top sports car, the 911 variant called GT3. This is a follow up to the recently reported fires in the GT3 which Torque News reported on February 24rth. Readers and Porsche fans might remember that in that story we explained that Porsche told owners not to drive their uber-expensive race/street car until Porsche could come for it. They offered to pick the car up anyplace on Earth and transport it to a Porsche facility for inspection. Those inspections revealed the worst possible scenario.

It turns out that the fastener holding the connecting rod to the piston or crank was failing. Once this part had failed, the rod was rupturing the crankcase and thus engine oil was being released. Once out, the oil was apparently hitting the hot exhaust manifold and bursting into flame. Top Gear published a photo it says is one of the cars on fire. This is about as bad an engine defect as can be imagined from an automaker that prides itself on its engines' durability.

Porsche is planning to replace every one of the engines in all GT3 models sold in the model year. Our research leads us to believe that there are about 785 cars affected by this recall and engine swap. There have been no reports of any injuries as a result of the engine failures and resultant fires. Nor were there any crashes as a result of the engine failure.

The GT3 is Porsches most bare-bones street legal race version of the legendary 911. Not usually the choice of those who wish to use their car as a daily driver or even for occasional track use, the GT3 is all business. Prices start above $200,000 and many of the amenities one would expect are missing, in the goal of keeping weight down.

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