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Pickup Truck Sales Surge After Harvey and Irma's Wrath

Two incredible storms wiped out a huge number of vehicles in the past two months. Now, Pickup truck sales are showing America's preference for replacing those vehicles.


Pickup truck sales have gone straight through the roof in September as Americans begin to replace vehicles destroyed by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Across the board, Automakers sold record numbers of pickups in the month and can be expected to continue to sell all they can make for the near future.

Ford Pickup Sales
Ford's industry-leading F-150 series was up over 20% to 82,302. If the F-Series were its own brand it would be far from the bottom of the sales rankings in America. VW's total sales for the month were 26,141 vehicles for perspective. Ford's big trucks sold best. Ford said in its sales overview, "Demand remains robust for Super Duty, with High Series Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum trucks making up 52 percent of retail sales"

GM Outsells Ford In Pickups
GM trucks were also up sharply. In total, GM sold 87,535 pickups, more than Ford. Chevy sold 55,236 Silverados, also up over 20%. The Colorado and Canyon had a banner month and totaled 14,193, reflecting GM's total production for midsize trucks. The Sierra was flat at 18,106 units as GM shifted production to Chevy (built on the same lines).

Toyota Pickup Sales
Toyota's Tacoma had another record-setting month, breaking 18K units, something Toyota has only done a handful of times. In total, Toyota sold 29,217 Tacomas and Tundras in September, more than GMC.

Ram Trucks

Ram sold 47,142 trucks in September. That is Ram's best month of sales for 2017. Of all the major truck makers, Ram had the least impressive sales increase, actually recording a fraction of a percent decline.

Nissan Trucks
Nissan's full-size Titan was up over 50% in September. The Frontier dropped back to 5,111 in sales. Nissan has just announced an all-new Frontier is on the way and may begin to de-emphasize production of the midsize truck to focus on the Titan for a while until the new midsize is ready.

Honda Trucks
Honda's Ridgeline sales were not available at the time of publication.


Sean Paul (not verified)    October 3, 2017 - 11:05PM

You guys are wrong when comparing F150 truck too Chevy/GMC 1500 truck sales. If you add the total units sold (55,236 for Chevy and 18,106 for GMC) the total number of units sold is 73,342. Sorry to break the news to you, but the truth hurts sometimes. Now when the all new Ford Ranger comes out, then it will be fair to add the two categories of half ton trucks and midsize trucks together for comparison for both Ford and Chevy/GMC.