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The One Change 2023 Ford Maverick Owners and Shoppers Want Most

The Ford Maverick pickup truck is a big hit. However, there is one important thing many owners and shoppers of the Ford Maverick would like to see changed. Here’s what they say when polled.

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The Ford Maverick pickup has energized loyal owners of the Ford brand and also brought in many new shoppers to the brand. The Maverick is both cool and affordable, a rare combination in today's overpriced vehicle market. The Hybrid Maverick is a conquest vehicle for Ford, and it has earned legions of fans, many of whom are trying their first green vehicle, and many more who are already owners of an electrified vehicle but wanted a practical utility vehicle with a low carbon footprint and great fuel economy. There’s just one big thing missing from Ford’s Maverick options sheet. An all-wheel drive Hybrid.

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We polled owners and fans of the Ford Maverick in the Facebook Ford Maverick Club and asked them to choose one thing they would like to have changed about the vehicle. Owners and fans of the Maverick were not shy! The poll reached over 1,000 members, and about 300 replied. Here’s what we wrote at the top of the poll post:

“Hey Ford owners and future owners, if you could make one change to the Maverick, what would it be? Here are some poll ideas, but feel free to add other ideas. Let's skip the whole "More inventory and no markups" thing. We know.”

A few selections were included at the start of the poll, but just one had a real percentage of respondents choosing it. The “add an AWD Hybrid” option. 28% of respondents opted for that choice. Given the fact that there were 21 total options from which to choose, we think it is clear what Ford Maverick owners would like to see added to the Maverick lineup. When we add in the “Plug-in Hybrid AWD” option, the AWD hybrid totals 34%, so fully one in three buyers wanted a hybrid with AWD in some form.

Here is the complete list of ideas owners and fans posted that earned 5% or more votes:
28% Hybrid AWD Option
7% Rear Window Defroster
6% Plug-in Hybrid AWD option
6% 4,000 lb tow package
5% Push-button start on every trim

Ford Maverick Poll results image by John Goreham

You can view the poll yourself if you wish at the Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Owners and Enthusiast Club on Facebook. All are welcome.

With so many fans and owners wishing that Ford would build and offer an AWD Hybrid or AWD PHEV, we started wondering how practical it would be for Ford to do it. We know the Maverick and the Bronco Sport share much of their platform and components with the Escape. And the Escape is offered as an AWD hybrid. So that seems like a very doable thing for Ford. For some odd reason, we don’t see an AWD PHEV in Ford’s lineup. Maybe they are working on it? The way the Toyota RAV4 Prime is flying off dealer lots with $20K markups makes us wonder why every brand doesn't offer an AWD PHEV truck and crossover SUV.

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With FWD Hybrid Mavericks starting at around $24K, adding AWD for $3K would mean even a mid-trim Maverick AWD could cost under $30K before the dealer markup and added dealer rubbish is heaped into the price sheet. That’s a price point with a tremendous volume of new vehicle buyers. A PHEV Maverick could easily have a starting price under $35K.

If you haven’t voted, join the club and do so. Or, post your comment below telling us what you would like to see the Maverick have that it presently does not. Who knows? Ford may be peeking at this story.

Ford Maverick Poll results image by John Goreham and Facebook. Underlying top of page image we have edited by adding AWD courtesy of Ford.

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