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The Occupants Of This Toyota Prius Squished By A Tractor Trailer Are OK

Amazingly, the adult and two children who were in this almost unrecognizable car escaped with minor injuries.


The three occupants in the squished Toyota Prius shown in these amazing images are going to be OK. The publication Lancaster Online says that the three occupants, a woman and two childer, were all taken from the scene with just minor injuries. The Denver Fire Company of Denver, PA responded to the scene.

Prius crash

According to the Denver Fire Company, ten rescue vehicles responded to the scene. The occupants were found trapped inside. The crash reportedly started when the female driver of the Toyota Prius lost control of the vehicle while attempting to pass the big rig. Lancaster Online says, "The Prius struck the truck, a Freightliner, and both hit the concrete barrier near mile marker 281.6. The vehicles came to a rest with the Prius trapped underneath the truck, according to state police." The driver of the Prius was cited by police for not traveling at a safe speed. The occupants included a four-year-old and a one-year-old child.

The Denver Fire Department's posted images drew hundreds of commenters. One asked what vehicle the car was because he wanted to go right out and buy one. Denver Fire replied "Prius." Other commenters could not help but see God's hand in the outcome. One commenter who happened past the wreck said, "I drove by this shortly after it happened as EMS was just arriving. At first I thought it was just a tractor-trailer accident until I got beside the wreck and saw the car underneath. At that moment, I thought there was no way anyone survived that. God was looking over those people, it was not a pretty scene to see first hand."

Luckily, no Tesla cars crashed into the first responders' vehicles during the rescue.

Prius Quick Facts:
The Toyota Prius is the top-selling green vehicle in the world. The 2018 Prius is also an IIHS Top Safety Pick. Apparently, the folks at IIHS were correct.

Images courtesy of the Denver Fire Company