New Toyota extended warranty coverage for '05-2011 Tacoma driveshafts.
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New Toyota Tacoma Warranty Extension For Universal Joint & Prop Shaft Vibrations 2005-2011

Toyota is extending the warranty on Tacoma driveshafts for some customers who experience vibrations and shudders. Details here.

Toyota is now extending the warranty for its 2005-2011 Tacomas for customers who experience trouble with driveshaft vibrations and shuddering. The Toyota program is called "Customer Support Program ZH2 - Coverage For Propeller Shaft Universal Joints." Torque News has viewed the documentation on a recent repair courtesy of Tacoma owner and Facebook Toyota Tacoma Enthusiasts Club contributor, Daniel Delatorres, who gave us permission to use his image above.

Tacoma prop shaft, or driveshaft and universal join troubles are not new to owners. CarComplaints lists 41 technical service bulletins for the 2007 Tacoma (just an example) and at least ten of those are related to the prop shaft.

Daniel reports that his (unlifted) Tacoma experienced a vibration and he took it to his local dealer. To his surprise, the dealer replaced both halves of the prop shaft assembly and the universal joint and hanger. There was no charge for the service or parts. In addition, Daniel was provided with a Toyota internal memo to dealer service department managers dated October 30, 2017.

The key elements are:
- 2005 through 2011 Model year coverage
- Produced from Mid-September '04 through early December 2010
- Unlimited Mileage
- Program runs till April 2019
- Vehicles repaired once will then be covered 12 years from the primary coverage (unless we misunderstand that)

Our thanks to Daniel for his detailed overview and his permission to share this with a wider audience. If you are not already a member, Facebook's Toyota Tacoma Enthusiasts is a great club for owners.

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I have paid twice to have universal joints replaced in my '06.
I've had '06 prerunner for 6 years and have replaced the carrier bearing and U-joints twice. I wish they would compensate those of us that have already paid for repairs.
I just changed 1 - U Joint on my 2003 Tacoma pre-runner (4 Door) . My truck still isn't riding good. Feel the vibration so I have 2 more to change. I think the recall should start at 2003, my truck has been making a noise when I stop and go in reverse for the past 5 or so years. I figured it was the U joint I just changed , that was causing the noise but it wasn't because it still does it.
Took the advice from this today and went to the local Toyota dealership about my ongoing vibration issue and they informed me that my problem was not the prop shaft as listed and the greedy service department wanted me to fork out 2k for repairs. The vibration saga continues for me after 3 year of this nonsense.
My joints and bearings we're replaced originally by my father about 5 years ago and this past summer I needed to replace the rear bearing and 1 U-joint and have 2 regreased. Taking a chance today and seeing if the dealer will stand up and correct this.
Completed recall repairs (ZH2) on my 2006 Tacoma base model at Toyota dealer today. Replaced driveshaft U-Joint. I'm sad to report that the vibration is still there. It might be better, but still feels like something is just not right. Everything else about the truck is amazing. In the past the Goodyear tire store gave me free tires since he couldn't figure out the tiny vibration. Still searching for a way to fix this.