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New 2014 Ford Transit Connect will impress contractors and municipalities

The new 2014 Ford Transit Connect has some key advantages over pickup trucks and other old fashioned work vehicles.

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Torque News has brought you information about the Ford Transit Connect since its introduction and with an all-new 2014 Transit Connect coming we are pleased to bring you the preview first. Contractors in the United States love the Ford Transit Connect for its size, space, and excellent cost / benefit ratio. Those who do not need a monster truck to do their daily work, and who want to make the most money possible while still driving a vehicle that makes them smile have flocked to the Transit Connect. A brand new version is coming and it corrects one issue, and improves greatly on its pluses.

For Transit Connect Improvements
First, let’s be truthful, the Ford Transit Connect was in need of a face-lift. It gets that and more in the new version. The front end is now more stylish and seems to be more aerodynamic. The hood and fenders merge more seamlessly to the A pillars (the support that runs from the hood to the roof) giving the Transit Connect a more modern appearance. The Ford Transit Connect is now available as a passenger vehicle with decent good looks as well. From the top of the windscreen back the look is much like that of a modern work van from Ford or Mercedes. Wisely, Ford has created an unpainted from bumper area. The truth is that these are excellent city work vehicles and in the city many motorists park by feel either on purpose or out of ignorance. Keeping the front unpainted will also lessen salt and sand damage in areas where winter roads are treated with these paint removers. The sliding rear doors remain and the side glass can be omitted for privacy and security if the owner wishes.

Comparison of a Ford Transit Connect to a Pickup Truck
Many small business owners don’t actually use their work pickup for work very much. The vehicle is their mobile office and on nights and weekends it is their personal vehicle. For those customers the Ford Transit Connect will still remain an interesting option they won’t likely choose. However, for the tradesman who is actually using the vehicle they own for work, the Ford Transit Connect is hard to pass up. The cargo area will hold more than the cargo area of a Ram 1500 pickup. With its 1600 pound payload, the compact Transit Connect is more than capable of hauling both tools and materials to and from a worksite. With so many good options now for removing worksite debris, the excuse of owning a pickup to remove materials is going away. There are two wheelbase options for the Transit Connect, and some can even be rated at 2000 lbs payload. Loading and unloading is much easier due to the Transit Connects side doors and low lift-over height compared to a pickup.

On the plus side a Transit connect gets about 10 more miles per gallon highway than a typical pickup truck with 30 mpg. That is fully 50% better than a pickup. That extra money saved on cash will go a long way at the supply store, or in one’s paycheck. Municipalities with natural gas filling stations, and this is quickly becoming the norm, can also opt to have their Transit Connect set up for natural gas operation. That will help offset both fuel costs and CO2 for those municipalities concerned about such things, and they all are.

Those contractors and city workers who need a mobile office won’t be disappointed either. For fleets a telematics system is available. All Transit Connects can be outfitted with a 6.5 inch touch screen Nav system and Synch with My Ford Touch is available on Transit Connect, as is a back-up rear-view camera. That will be a very handy option for those working in cities.

The Ford line of commercial vehicles has changed dramatically in the past few years. Look for the new Ford Transit Connect, and also a new full-sized (some might say super-sized) Ford Transit work van in dealerships and via Ford’s commercial sales network late next year.

Please tell us what you think. Do you think this is an option to a pickup truck for many workers?

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Anonymous (not verified)    January 28, 2013 - 12:56PM

Looking forward to someone, anyone, actually printing useful specifications, like:

- length of interior cargo area
- interior cargo height
- rear door opening height

If any of those are too small for loading & carrying 1 or 2 motorcycle dirtbikes,
then no sale! The previous Transit Connect had a too short cargo space, and
I fear the 2014 will have a too short rear door opening.