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This Mint Ford F-350 Has Plowed In New England Longer Than You Will Believe

The plow shown in this image has been plowing for two generations. What its owner credits with its long life.

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New England was hit with yet another ‘Noreaster this week, making it the second of March. Spring is coming, but the plows are being kept busy as late winter snow piles up. During the tail end of one storm, we were out testing a Nissan Leaf in the white stuff when we spotted this mint 1989 Ford F-350 and stopped to chat with the owner.

The owner of this plow told us that it has now seen 29 New England winters as a plow truck and has served its family as a contractor’s work vehicle in the other three seasons. Amazingly, the truck has over 360,000 miles on it and still looks great and runs perfectly.

“My dad bought the truck new and it was his work truck for about 20 years” we were told by the owner. When we commented on how great the exterior looked we were told that “The truck had some body work done in 2000, but the frame and bed are still all original.” The second-generation owner credits Ford’s 7.3-liter, non-turbo diesel engine made by International Harvester/Navistar for the truck’s long-life mechanically. The 7.3 this truck has had since new was an upgrade from the 6.9-liter engine Ford first installed in its trucks in the early 1980s.

A quick look at the truck revealed only a bit of surface rust and some bright work that had suffered from the salt and sand on the broken up roads in central New England. We asked the owner before parting ways if he has any other trucks and he said he does have a modern F-250 that he parks next to this one in his garage and that it makes the older 1989 F-350 “look tiny by comparison.”

The video below is not the same truck, but we thought readers might like to hear what an '89 F-350 sounds like in operation.

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