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Mercedes-Benz Becker JetVan emerges as Maybach replacement VIP luxury limo

As the Maybach rides off into the sunset, a company from Ventura California fills the need for those who want the ultimate in luxury ground transportation.

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Imagine yourself a person with incredible wealth who needs to be someplace to close to fly to. Pretend that you want to be extremely comfortable during the ride and be able to either work or relax and be entertained. How would you be driven and in what? The answer used to be either Rolls Royce, Bentley, or something from the Mercedes Benz family. In order to compete at this level Mercedes needed something a bit more fancy than the S class so it created the Maybach. The Maybach was one of the most lavish and luxurious ways to be transported by ground outside of a private coach on a train or by luxury motor coach. Let’s face it, neither a tour bus or a train is really much good getting one from their estate in the Hamptons to their corner office in Manhattan, so the Maybach really was the epitome of luxury travel.

One problem was that Mercedes-Benz seemingly lost their shirt on each Maybach they built. Sure, they gained some press and notoriety, but loosing dollars by the bushel is a disincentive during quarterly P&L meetings. The L (as in loss) category gets a lot of attention. Mercedes has cancelled the program and after 2013 there will be no more. Enter the Becker JetVan Sprinter.

Sprinter is the name of a high quality van made by Mercedes-Benz. The van can be outfitted any number ways including as a work vehicle, as a large family wagon (really large), as a small hotel shuttle, as a livery vehicle for groups and in other similar ways. The wide range of uses makes the Sprinter a more affordable platform than the Marybach to start with when creating a luxury CEO transport. Summing this up, Claus Tritt, General Manager of commercial vans for Mercedes-Benz says "The Sprinter's unique combination of quality, efficiency and almost endless versatility make it the perfect blank canvas for approved up-fitters like Becker Automotive Designs. .. Its magnificent craftsmanship and roomy, luxurious environment makes it the perfect vehicle for New York City, whether it might be for family sightseeing, getting office work done in privacy and comfort or negotiating a corporate merger."

Just how roomy and how luxurious can the Becker JetVan be? Think jet, as in G-6. Yes, the theme is private jet. The JetVan comes complete with sleeper chairs and all of the environmental controls one would assume, but does not stop there. Ventura, California based Becker starts with a sound system worthy of a home theater. The audio has 1,300 watts of power (that would be 1.3 kilowatts) and the screen is a 40 inch LCD, high definition unit. There is a computer in the JetVan so one does not need to lug that Mac Book around looking for a plug. Wireless connectivity is available should one choose their portable device.

All of the amenities on board can be controlled by the passenger through one of the two six-inch control screens – even while fully reclined! Those passengers could include some of the clients Becker has such as J-Lo, Will Smith, and many CEOs of top corporations.

The Becker JetVan will take up the cause of ultra-luxury VIP transport now that the Maybach has run its course.

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